Fall 2012 - Vol 80 - No 2

Marcus Cheatham ‘13

The Learning Games

More than 170,000 student-athletes at 444 colleges and universities across the country, including Susquehanna, participate in NCAA division III athletics.

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Colleen Sullivan '85 Trevisan, Leah Wyar-Romito '00 and Kellie Nebiker '12


Alumni Connections Lead to Unexpected Career Turns

When Colleen Sullivan ’85 Trevisan landed a job at Vogue magazine fresh out of college, she had no idea her good fortune would start a chain reaction that would ripple through the lives of two other Susquehanna alumnae, too.

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Glen Retief

Lost & Found

Teen Tragedy Brings New Meaning to Professor’s Memoir

Both Professor Glen Retief and area teen Brandon Bitner were victims of bullying, with far different outcomes.

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John Strangfeld

A Message to the Susquehanna Community

From John R. Strangfeld, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Susquehanna University Board of Trustees President John Strangfeld reports that President L. Jay Lemons' contract has been extended through June 30, 2017.

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