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 The 2012-13 University Theme: "Freedom and Responsibility"

The theme was submitted by Erik Viker and Karen Stewart.

The United States Constitution created, organizes and sustains our nation. It is a statement of principles, an historical artifact and a legal agreement that impacts all aspects of society. It constitutes the government that should secure the freedoms of all citizens, including privileged and underrepresented populations. Reflecting on the freedoms and responsibilities recorded in the Constitution can inform every discipline on campus, especially with interdisciplinary approaches to intellectual inquiry:

  • Freedom from oppression
  • Diversity, community and individuality
  • Censorship and the arts
  • Government support for scientific research and discovery
  • Freedom of and from religion
  • Ethics and the sciences
  • Government regulation of commerce, and national and global economics
  • The nature of citizenship
  • International relations
  • Service to others "to promote the general welfare"
  • Mythologies and realities of national history

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