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What Participants Say

"The LIFE program helped me gain insightful knowledge of entrepreneurship and business management. As a business major at Susquehanna University, I feel LIFE has given me a Students at LIFE!clear advantage over other students. My LIFE program experience and view of the business program were the largest influential factors affecting my decision to study here." —Jim Weyent

“The LIFE program was such an amazing experience that I could have stayed for another two weeks at least. Thanks again!"—Rob Langtry

"Thank you for giving our son Zachary the memory and experience of a lifetime."—Marc and Jacqui Litif  

"I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in this wonderful experience...I hope that future young entrepreneurs will get the same chance that I did to shine."—Brenton Wanner

"It was one of the best experiences of my life."—Kevin T. Weyant 

"Thank you for the wonderful time I had at the Leadership Institute for Entrepreneurship program."—Paul Anderson

"Many students tell me LIFE was 'the best week of my life.' I think the key to such a wonderful experience is the combination of real-life, successful entrepreneurs, lifelong educators, and college-age program assistants who are all passionate about seeing each and every student have a fun-filled educational week with us. "—Tom Houck, parent of former LIFE students and former entrepreneur-in-residence 

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