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Host:  BCA Study Abroad: Vienna (for non-German majors)
Required GPA:  3.0
Languages:  English and German
Housing:  Student dormitories
Course Sampling: HIS-205: Crossroads of Europe; PHIL-300: Exploring the Human Condition in Vienna; Independent Study
Project Of Note:  Excursions may include learning about the coffeehouse culture, Austrian theater, museums visits (not only for art) and operas, and exploring some of Europe’s finest architecture





Host: CIEE Université Libre de Bruxelles
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English, French and Dutch
Housing: Homestay or independent room
Approved Program Options: Advanced liberal arts or business, communications and culture
Course Sampling: History of the Contemporary Period; French Language; Political History of Contemporary Belgium; Ancient Languages and Literature. 
Of Note: Internships; excursions to the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague, European Parliament and Commission in Brussels, Brussels Museum of Fine Arts, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. 




Host: SU in the Mediterranean
Required GPA: 2.5
Languages: English
Housing: Off-campus apartments
Approved Program Options: Semester or business
Course Sampling: Accounting; Cultural Anthropology; History of Art; Figure Drawing; Business; Biology; Biophysics; Applied Radio; Journalism; Film; Graphic Design; Electronics; Artificial Intelligence; Geography; Food Science. 
Of Note: Explore beach and mountain towns of Cyprus; possible excursions include Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Ayia Napa. Two options for study focus: the semester option or the business option.


Czech Republic


Host: CIEE Study Center and Charles University
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Czech
Housing: Homestay or student apartments
Approved Program Option: Central European studies
Course Sampling: Czech Language; Art and Architecture of Prague; East European Cinema; The Economics of EU Enlargement; Modern Czech Literature; Czech Politics; Czech Concepts of National Identity; Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought; Acting. 
Of Note: Volunteer opportunities; festivals; operas; concerts; excursions to Bohemia, Moravia and Berlin. Must select the Central European studies option.




Host: IAU Aix-en-Provence
Required GPA: 2.5
Languages: English and French
Housing: Homestay 
Approved Program Options: Center of Humanities and Social Sciences; French honors program (French only, requires a 3.0 in French coursework and a 2.5 overall); or Marchutz School of Art
Course Sampling: French Language; Contemporary French Novel; Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations; Painting and Drawing; Speaking of Provence; Introduction to International Business; France During the Occupation; The European Union.
Of Note: Possible excursions include Marseilles, Isle sur la Sorgue, Fontaine de Vaucluse, Nice, or Le Luberon. 


Host: CIEE Paris Center for Critical Studies
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: French
Housing: Homestay
Approved Program Options: Contemporary French studies or critical studies
Course Sampling: French Language; Paris Collage: History, Culture, Architecture; Francophone Cultures through Literature and Film; French Academic Writing and Reasoning.
Of Note: Volunteer opportunities with French youth; flexible program offers content courses in both English and French, with a French-only option; cultural outings integrated into classes. 


Host: CIEE Université de Haute Bretagne 
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: French
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: Comprehension and Oral Expression; French Civilization and Culture; Art History; Cinema; History of France: Ancient Regime to the Present; Initiation to French Literature; The French Press
Of Note: Internships; student-teaching option; excursions to Brittany, Normandy and Loire Valley. Two years of French required.


Host:  Accès
Required GPA:  3.0
Languages: French
Housing: Homestay or boarding house
Approved Program Options: Contemporary French studies or critical studies
Course Sampling: French Language; Religion in contemporary France; The Global Conversation
Of Note: Most students take the majority of their courses at the Institut International d’Études Françaises (IIEF). Excursions in and around France are scheduled during the semester.




Host: CIEE Freie Universität Berlin
Required GPA: 3.0; this program does not fulfill the German major requirement of a semester abroad in a language immersion programs.
Languages: German and English
Housing: Student apartments or homestays
Course Sampling: Contemporary Cinema in Germany and Europe; Perspectives on 20th Century Art in Central Europe; Berlin: History, Memory, Literature; History of Central European Classical Music
Of Note: Excursions to Heidelburg, Munich, other Central European countries


Host: IES Abroad Freiburg Center (German Language Program ONLY)
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: German
Housing: Residence halls
Approved Program Option: Language or area studies
Course Sampling: German Art; Media, Societies and Politics; The Medieval Mindset; Germany as an Economic Power; Film Language and Making; Modern German Literature. 
Of Note: Internship opportunities; possible excursions include the Black Forest, medieval castles, museums, theatres, the Alps, Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, Prague and Hamburg. 




Host: BCA: Athens
Required GPA: 2.5
Languages: English and Greek
Housing: Student apartments
Course Sampling: Modern Greek Language; The Development of Athenian Democracy, Ancient Greek Mythology and Religion; The Archaeology of Athens; Byzantine Art and Architecture; Gender and Sexuality in Modern Greek Culture; The Middle East in World Affairs
Of Note: Excursions to the Peloponnese and either Crete (fall semester) or Central/Northern Greece (spring semester)




Host: CIEE: Budapest
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Hungarian
Housing: Off-campus apartment or Homestay
Course Sampling: Hungarian Language; 19th and 20th Century Hungarian Art; Political Problems of Transition in Central Europe; Hungary, European Integration and European Society; Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
Of Note: Internship opportunities; excursions to Transylvania, Roman ruins, Turkish baths, thermal springs, museums and theaters




Host: CIEE Universiy of Ferrara
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Residence hall or homestay  
Approved Program Options: Language & Culture Option and the Liberal Arts Option
Course Sampling: Italian Language; Contemporary Italian History: From Unification to Present; Introduction to Italian Renaissance Art; Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy; Gender, Race and the Representation of Italy; European Political Theory.
Of Note: Language and culture or liberal arts program; cultural and educational activities such as visits to local festivals, art museums and cathedrals; possible excursions include Florence, Bologna, Siena, Pisa, Ravenna, Verona and Padua. 


Host: Global Semesters Florence University of the Arts
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Apartments
Course Sampling: International Banking; Fashion Marketing; Street Photography; Art Therapy; The Art of Gelato and Italian Ice; Ethics in a World Context; Interpersonal Communication; Cross-Cultural Psychology; Social Psychology; Italian Language
Of Note: Internship opportunities; Excursions to Rome, Verona, Venice, and Siena

Host: Global Semesters Santa Reparata International School of Art
Required GPA: 2.3
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Apartments
Course Sampling: Drawing I; Advanced Painting; History of Italian Fashion, Fabric Design; History of Florence; History of Contemporary Art; Italian Language
Of Note: Art and art history majors only; Excursions to Rome, Verona, Venice, and Siena

Host: Studio Art Centers International 
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Apartments  
Course Sampling: Drawing Foundations; Fresco Painting; Etching; Lithography; Ceramics; Sculpture; Digital Animation; Photography; Illustration; Interior Design; Art History; Italian Language; Art Conservation; Creative Writing
Of Note: Gallery openings; student art exhibitions. Open to art and art history majors only.  


Host: Arcadia Umbra Institute
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Apartments
Course Sampling: Archaeology of Italy; Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art; The Roman Empire; Globalization and the World Economy; Creative Writing: Italy of the Imagination; Italian Cinema; Italian Language; Politics and Economics of the European Union
Of Note: Optional Italian immersion program; excursions to Assisi, Rome, Florence, La Verna, mountains, lakes and rivers


Host: Temple University
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Italian
Housing: Apartments, limited Homestay option
Course Sampling: Architecture; Landscape Architecture; International Business; Marketing; Anthropology; Art History; Classic Greek and Roman Mythology; Italian Language; Political Science; Religion; Graphic Arts and Design; Photography; Painting
Of Note: Internship opportunities; excursions to Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, the Borghese Gardens and other sites, monuments and festivals




Host: CIEE University of Amsterdam
Required GPA: 3.0
Languages: English and Dutch
Housing: Student flats or residence halls
Approved Program Options: Social sciences
Course Sampling: French language; Paris: Past, Present, Future; Contemporary French Cinema; History of Europe; Literature and Philosophy; Business Correspondence; The French Novel; The Art of Photography. 
Of Note: Internship opportunities; possible excursions include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Apeldoorn, the royal palace of Het Loo and Belgium.  Must select the social sciences option.




Host: CIEE: Warsaw
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Polish
Housing: Residence halls
Course Sampling: Polish Language; Jews in Poland and the Holocaust; History of Central Europe: 1871 to Present; The Search for Self: Identity in Post-War Polish Literature; Social Issues in Contemporary Poland; Polish Society and Politics
Of Note: Possible excursions and Study Tours include Gdansk, the Solidarity Museum, Kraków, Auschwitz, Wieliczka Old Salt Mine and the Holocaust Museum




Host: CIEE: Lisbon
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Portuguese
Housing: Residence hall or Homestay
Course Sampling: Portuguese Language; Lisbon: A Journey From Olisipo to the Present; Colonialism and Post-Colonialism; The Portuguese Media Ecology; Portuguese and Brazilian Literature; Imagining Portugal: Politics, Culture and Knowledge
Of Note: Excursions to St. George’s Castle, Rossio, museums, the theater and concerts



St. Petersburg

Host: CIEE: St. Petersburg
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Russian
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: Russian Language; The Arts of St. Petersburg; Russian History: Perestroikas in Russia from the Ninth to the 20th Century; Ethnic Studies: National and Ethnic Issues in Modern Russia; Russian Civilization
Of Note: Volunteer projects; Russian language program; independent travel week; field trips to the Siege of Leningrad, the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg cathedrals and numerous palaces; possible excursions include Moscow, Novogorod, Tallinn, Estonia and the Pskov region




Host: Spanish Studies Abroad - Alicante
Required GPA: 3.0
Language: Spanish and English
Housing: Homestay
Approved Program Options: Spanish Studies, Integrated Studies with Spanish students OR International Studies in English
Course Sampling: Spanish Language; Spanish Civilization and Culture; Spanish Cinema and Art; Spanish for Business; Social Realities of Spain. 
Of Note: Field trips to the castle of Santa Bárbara, Cathedral of San Nicolás, Basilica of Santa María, the Bonfires Museum, the Museum of Fine Art, the Museum of Archaeology; possible excursions include Granada, Barcelona, Valencia, Elche and Orihuela.  


Host: Global Learning Semesters Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Language: Spanish and English
Required GPA: 2.5
Housing: Off-campus flats
Approved Program Options: Semester, business, or Spanish language and culture
Course Sampling: International Policy of the European Union; From Empire to Nation: An Economic History of Spain; International Marketing Strategies; Cultures Without States: The Case of Catalonia; Spanish Contemporary Art.
Of Note: Immersion activities, travel and business site visits in Spain linked to your coursework.  


Host: Central College Granada
Required GPA: 2.5
Language: Spanish and English
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: Spanish Language; Spanish Civilization and Culture; History of Art in Spain; Islamic Culture in Spain; Spanish Geography; Introduction to Business Spanish; Art History; Economics: Foreign Trade; Latin American Literature
Of Note: Possible excursions include the Alhambra, Seville, Córdoba, Madrid and Morocco


Host: CIEE: Palma de Mallorca
Required GPA: 2.75
Language: Spanish
Housing: Homestay
Course Sampling: Spanish for Students of Business and Tourism; Advanced Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Literature; Globalization, Human Migration and Tourism: The Balearic Islands; Palma in the Mediterranean; Spanish Politics and Society
Of Note: Internship opportunities; volunteer opportunities; field trips to the Castle of Bellver, the Mediterranean Gothic Cathedral of Palma and Sa Foradada; excursions to Madrid, Barcelona


Host: IES: Salamanca
Required GPA: 3.0
Language: Spanish
Housing: Homestay or residence hall
Course Sampling: Surrealism in Spain; Southern European Economies; The Spanish Republic and the Civil War; Spanish Novel from Postwar Period to the Present; Comparative Religion; Gender in Western Mediterranean Societies
Of Note: Internship opportunities; possible excursions include Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, and Lisbon, Portugal


Host: Spanish Studies Abroad - Seville
Required GPA: 3.0
Language: Spanish and English
Housing: Homestay
Approved Program Options: Spanish studies, Integrated studies with Spanish students, or international studies program in English
Course Sampling: Spanish for the Health Professional; Spanish Expression and Grammar; Women Writers of Spain; Spanish Cinema; Spanish for Business; Regional Folk Dance
Of Note: Field trips to the Museo de Bellas Artes, Archivo de Indias, the Alcázar; possible excursions include Córdoba, Mérida Cáceres, the monastery of La Rábida and Granada.


Host: UVA Valencia
Required GPA: 2.5
Housing: Homestay
Language: Spanish
Course Sampling: Spanish Conversation; Survey of Spanish Literature; Spanish Culture and Civilization; Spanish Modern Art
Of Note: Excursions to museums, monuments, Cullera, Peñíscola, Sagunto and Xátiva




CIEE: Istanbul
Required GPA: 2.75
Languages: English and Turkish
Housing: Homestay or dormitory
Course Sampling: Turkish Language; Archaeology and History of Hitites; Painting in the Ottoman Empire; Economics of the European Union; Modern Turkish Literature; Turkey and Russia; International Migration in a Global World; Turkish Family
Of Note: Internship opportunities; Volunteer opportunities; Excursions to Aya Sofya, the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul Modern Museum, Ortakoy, Sultanahmet and the Blue Mosque


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