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SU in Africa: The Gambia

The Gambia

The Gambia, known as the “Switzerland of Africa” because of its peaceful history, is a small and culturally diverse English-speaking country. It is an ideal location for undergraduate study abroad because of its openness to international visitors and its accessibility to students unfamiliar with African cultures. Along with gaining a new awareness of an often-misunderstood geographic region and culture, students will be exposed to The Gambia’s unique experience as a peaceful nation on a historically turbulent continent.

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The University of the Gambia

The University of The Gambia has an enrollment of 1,300 students. Lecturers have diverse professional backgrounds, such as senior academics from universities in North America, U.K., and West Africa, as well as some distinguished professionals in The Gambia. This is a spring-only program.


Students can choose from the full range of courses offered by The University of The Gambia.  Click here to view their course catalog.


Students will stay in houses near the campus rented by Keystone Study Abroad Consortium specifically to house students spending a semester in The Gambia.

Culture Courses and Orientation

Students will participate in an orientation and receive on-going courses in the Wolof and Mandinka languages and Gambian culture.


Students will travel to different destinations in The Gambia outside of their primary location. These trips will take them to rural and urban destinations off the beaten path, exposing the students to the diversity of lifestyles in the region.


Students will continue to pay normal tuition and board, with all loans or scholarships included in financial aid packages applicable for the semester. Students are responsible for their own transportation costs.


Students will have the opportunity to participate in an internship at one of many local organizations. Internships will be arranged according to students’ interests and needs by the on-site coordinators.

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