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Information for Parents & Families

Are you the parent of a student who wishes to study abroad? If you have a son or daughter attending college, you probably are! Nearly three-quarters of incoming first-year students say they hope to study abroad during their college experience.

At Susquehanna University, we believe that studying abroad and other cross-cultural experiences are so essential to the liberal arts education we offer that we have made it a required part of our Central Curriculum. Susquehanna’s distinctive cross-cultural program is called GO (Global Opportunities). Students may GO Long with a semester-length program in one of several locations around the globe, including South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Or, students may GO Short (two weeks or more) and participate in a short-term experience such as SU CASA, an award-wining program that takes students to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to serve congregations, clinics, hospitals, and refugee and immigrant communities.  Another popular GO Short program is the Hurricane Response Team (HRT), which coordinates service trips to the Gulf Coast.

With GO, Susquehanna students are able to transform powerful off-campus experiences into profound discovery and personal growth through critical reflection with a faculty member upon their return.

The GO program and other Central Curriculum components are required for entering students beginning in fall 2009.

More about Susquehanna’s Central Curriculum.

Download the Susquehanna University GO Guide (PDF format) or the Parent's Study Away FAQ (PDF format).

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