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Academic Skills

Whether you need to develop new skills or build on those you already have, the Center for Academic Achievement offers assistance on a wide array of issues.Students working together

Time Management

One of the most critical components of college success is utilizing a good time-management system. A plan of action and goals are essential. You will receive assistance creating semester, weekly and daily schedules that involve fixed and flexible tasks.

College-Level Reading

One of the biggest differences between high school and college is the amount of required reading. On average, college textbooks have twice as many words per page as a high school textbook.  We will use a college-level reading passage to determine how many words per minute you read. This will help you gauge your time for reading assignments. You will also learn how to mark your textbook.


We will help find a note-taking system that works for you. Once a preferred note-taking method is identified, we can build upon it and make adaptations as needed.  

Test Preparation

The key to success is finding a study system that works for you. There are countless ways to prepare for tests and exams, and what works for one person may not work for everyone. We will assist you in finding different ways to prepare for tests and help to assess which one works best for you.

Test Anxiety

Many college students experience test anxiety. Most of the time, the anxiety is not caused by lack of preparation, but by the fear of failure. Cramming and procrastination are big components of test anxiety, and we can show you how to avoid these through organization and the utilization of a good time-management plan.


Staying on task with all the challenges college brings requires an organizational system that works well for you. We can help teach you a system that will keep such things as handouts, syllabi, labs and notes organized.


Academic Resources

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