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Math Center

The Math Center is located in Fisher Hall, Room 249 and offers tutoring for students currently enrolled in Susquehanna University math courses (especially Precalculus, Statistics and Calculus).  A student working on homeworkTrained, friendly and non-judgmental peer tutors staff the Math Center. Each peer tutor is a math major or minor and proficient in the listed subjects.

It is important to remember that although tutors are willing to offer guidance with your homework, they should not be expected to do it for you. Our goal is to enable you to work independently and to enhance the material that is presented by your professor.

Students in higher-level math and physics courses may also be tutored on an as-needed basis. Tutors may be able to help with other science and computer science courses-- call to check on a specific subject. 

Currently, we are offering tutoring in Statistics for Behavioral Science twice each week-- call for times.  Additionally, students may receive assistance with Business Statistics at a satellite location in Apfelbaum Hall. The tutors at that location have successfully completed that course. 


Math Center Hours

Sunday:  6-10 p.m.
Monday - Thursday:  1-4 and 6-10 p.m.
Friday:  1-3 p.m.


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