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GO Short: United States/North America

Go Puerto RicoService and Culture in Puerto Rico

Service and Culture in Puerto Rico is a two-week global service learning GO Program that will focus on themes of land rights, environmental justice, Puerto Rico-U.S. relationships, social change, democratic citizenship, leadership and international development. Students will spend the two weeks based in San Juan, but will travel all over the island. They will meet with local community and professional leaders; serve 30+ hours for local organizations on the front line of community development; and explore the country and culture through field trips and community events, including the famous San Sebastian festival, a visit to the famed island of Culebra and a series of hikes through El Yunque.
Next time offered: Jan. 2-16, 2016

Exploration and Understanding of the Navajo Nation

GO Navajo NationThe Navajo Nation is the cultural home to the Navajo people, marked with beautiful sandstone mesas, towering buttes, colorful canyons and dramatic desert scenery.  It is the largest of the Indian Reservations in the U.S. extending over four states—Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. This is a service learning trip offering students opportunities to tutor local children, help on construction projects and help promote health and exercise in running camps/clubs.  Enjoy hiking, camping, traditional story-telling, local markets and much more. 
Next time offered: June 5-21, 2015

GO Hawai'i: A Three Prong Approach to Understanding Hawaiian Culture

GO HawaiiStudents spend two weeks experiencing the unique and distinctive culture and history of three islands in Hawai’i. By attending many cultural programs, students will gain a greater understanding of Hawaiian way of life, both past and present. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, ‘Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor, and Volcanoes National Park. Snorkel in a protected coral reef environment, and learn Hawaiian traditions such as poi making, hula and the luau. The experience will include service projects with Native Hawaiians.
Next time offered: May 11-27, 2015

GO New Orleans Culture and Service (formerly Hurricane Relief Team

Assist with ongoing Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts rebuilding houses and other projects. Attend a jazz concert. Try a beignet. Uncover the history of the many different cultural groups that contributed to creating a city unlike any other in the United States. 
Next time offered: Winter program, Dec. 26, 2014-Jan. 10, 2015

GO NorthGO North: An Introduction to Cree Culture and Contemporary Issues in Northern Ontario

Travel to the rugged edge of human habitation in Northern Ontario, Canada, and discover the culture of the isolated Mushkegowuk Cree community in Fort Albany. Learn how the community’s distinct culture and relative geographic location has shaped its education, human services and health care systems through service learning. Then finish up your trip with a visit to Ottawa, Ontario for a look at “mainstream” Canadian culture.
Next time offered: May 17 - June 1, 2015

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