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The Golden Ring of Russia: Ecology and Culture

Students spend three weeks gaining field experience in the ancient “Golden Ring” region of Russia, an area that has endured significant human impact for more than 1,000 years and is now going through major social, economic and political changes.Go Russia The majority of the time will be spent in Yaroslavl’, a charming 1,000-year-old provincial city which lies 250 kilometers northeast of Moscow and straddles the Volga River. The main focus is on the ecology of the region as it relates to geomorphology, land usage and Russian culture. A major portion of the course will also include an introduction to the Russian language. In addition to time spent in Yaroslavl’, students will go on excursions to surrounding regions of Russia such as Kharabikah, Kostroma, Rostov Veliki and Moscow.

Locations: Yaroslavl’, Russia with visits to other places in the Yaroslavl’ region as well as Moscow and Kostroma.

Dates: To be determined

Prerequisite: Readings and research as assigned by the program director.

Academic credit: Two semester hours; this program and accompanying course satisfy the GO requirement.

Majors of interest: Open to all majors, but particularly of interest to biology and ecology majors.

Application: Students apply online through the “apps” section on MySU.

Financial aid: Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.

Program Directors: Jack R. Holt, Ph.D., professor of biology, and Natasha Holt

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