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Advice for Students about Completing the Central Curriculum Experience

The Central Curriculum (CenCric) is general education in depth. It is intentionally designed to be part of each of your four years at SU, so there is no rush.    

Are you undecided? Use CenCric to explore areas you are interested in as a major.  

Have you already declared your major? Take note of what CenCric requirements are already included in your major.  Since a liberal arts education is all about breadth, ask yourself if you want to fulfill all these requirements inside your major.

Tips on Global Opportunities (GO)  

Ask your adviser. Contact the GO office.

You can:
GO Short— a short term, faculty-led program.
GO Long— a traditional semester abroad.
GO Your Own Way— a self-designed experience. Note:  This option fits a very small number of students, mostly those from foreign countries for whom living in the U.S. is a cross-cultural experience in itself.  The typical student should think GO Short of GO Long.  

Check out what funding is available to support your GO preference.  

Think about GO as also possibly connected to your major, or if you are looking for a cultural experience, a service-learning experience or study abroad.    

Other Advice  

Early on think about looking for courses that double count in more than one area of CenCric.

  • Diversity and Interdisciplinary can count for one other area.
  • Any course might have two intensives attached.  

Don’t worry about Writing Intensives. You will in almost all cases do these in your major. If there is a problem your major adviser will work with you to resolve it.  

Take Writing and Thinking as a first-year student, before Literary Expression. 

You will automatically be enrolled your first semester in Perspectives.  

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