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Student Internship Spotlights

Sigmund Weis School of Business


Taylor MorrowTaylor Morrow '13

Major: Accounting
Internship Location: Prudential
Title: Public Investment Operations Intern
Experience: I was in charge of the daily operations for four accounts as well as weekly and monthly reconciliations. I ran daily checks and emailed other departments that needed the information.
Quote: I learned a lot about how far hard work and dedication can get you. Every day, I thought about what else I could do that wasn't asked of me. By proving my worth and determination at the company this summer, I was offered a job and will be starting full time this summer.

Lindse DerstineLindsey Derstine '13

Major: Business Administration
Internship Location: Lehigh Gas Corporation
Title: Human Resource Intern
Experience: Through this internship, I had the opportunity to create a job description survey with upper management. Once the survey was created, I dispersed it to employees and then reviewed it with the Vice President of HR as well as the payroll manager. Through my internship, I not only had the benefit to be able to use the knowledge that I gained from my courses, but I had the opportunity to work and interact with professionals. With this internship, I now feel that I will be better prepared for entering the workforce.
Quote: I think that every student should complete an internship if it is available to them. Not only does it help to apply the knowledge that has been taught in the classroom but it also helps in preparing students to communicate easily with professionals. This is information that cannot be taught in the classroom and that I feel helps to prepare students for their future.

Kelsey SchneiderKelsey Schneider '15

Major: Business Administration
Internship Location: KPMG
Title: Human Resources Intern
Experience: My internship at KPMG allowed me to be part of a team and work side by side with Human Resource professionals to deliver the annual compensation to 22,000 people across the country. As an active member, I was involved in the day-to-day delivery of services and personally contributed to leadership reports. This experience solidified my decision to concentrate in Human Resources.
Quote: This internship challenged me to grow and learn quickly, and I am now confident that I can be successful in the work place.

Josh AllenJoshua Allen '13

Major: Accounting
Internship Location: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Title: Assurance Intern, Insurance and Banking
Experience: Through my internship experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers, I was given the opportunity to conduct several evidence gathering activities that contributed to the completion of my client's interim and integrated audit.
Quote: My involvement with the Big 4 not only reassured my decision to enter the field of public accounting, but also my ability to apply the conceptual framework obtained from my course work at Susquehanna University.

College of Arts and Science


Chadd LeeChadd Lee '13

Major: Biology
Internship Location: Emergency Department at Evangelical Community Hospital
Title: Emergency Department Student Intern
Experience: During my internship, I set up electrocardiograph monitoring, performed glucose and vital sign readings, and performed CPR. I shadowed and assisted the county coroner, paramedics, nurses, physician assistants, and physicians with patient care. I also observed surgeries, such as appendectomies and Cesarean sections, as well as forensic autopsies.
Quote: While background information is necessary for success, internships have the unique ability to translate information into application and action. Real world interactions are an integral part of any career, making internships necessary for students to learn about their future careers.

Bryon ChowkaBryon Chowka '13

Major: Political Science; Legal Studies Minor
Internship Location: Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas
Title: Intern Law Clerk
Experience: Working at the courthouse provided me with the opportunity to sit on the bench with the judge and be part of the hearings and trials. We discussed the case and then found and interpreted applicable case law that would allow us to draft our order or opinion.
Quote: Utilizing the internship opportunities that Susquehanna offers has been a rewarding experience and has substantially advanced my career.

Joe LaffertyJoe Lafferty '14

Major: Chemistry
Internship Location: Camp Nejeda (Camp for kids 7-16 with Type 1 Diabetes)
Title: Medical Staff/Counselor
Experience: While living at Camp Nejeda, I performed blood glucose checks on campers, worked closely with medical staff with regard to insulin injections, monitored medical conditions of the campers, planned educational activities promoting diabetic management and healthy living choices, and fostered a positive community living environment.
Quote: Interning at Camp Nejeda was a fun and fulfilling experience. I was able to make an impact on the lives of campers and learned the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life while gaining confidence and experience in the field of healthcare.

Rebeka TorlayRebeka Torlay '13

Major: Earth & Environmental Science
Internship Location: Lehigh Valley Zoo
Title: Conservation Education Intern
Experience: My jobs included handling and presenting a variety of animals in educational programs, both on site at the zoo and at other locations on outreach programs. I also interacted with visitors by conducting nature hikes, zoo tours, creek studies and zoo camps. I utilized animal husbandry skills in feeding animals and cleaning enclosures.
Quote: This internship helped me to gain a whole new skill set which is not an opportunity you could get just anywhere. It is definitely something I will be pursuing in the future.

Elena StraussElena Strauss '13

Major: Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a Psychology concentration
Internship Location: Selinsgrove Area Intermediate School
Title: Summer Seals Day Camp teacher
Experience: My internship at Summer Seals Day Camp was both a personal and professional growing experience. It has brought to life what I have learned in the classroom. Perhaps even more importantly, my internship has given me experiences that could not have been gained in any course alone.
Quote: Summer Seals was the start, and definitely not the end, of my teaching journey. This internship helped to validate my true passion for the field of education.

Shelby O'RileyShelby O’Riley '15

Major: Biochemistry
Internship Location: University of Massachusetts- Amherst in the Polymer Science and Engineering department
Title: Intern
Experience: In basic terms, I worked with the production of zwitterionic polymers. These polymers have the potential to enhance drug delivery, especially in cancerous cells.
Quote: Sometimes the best opportunities take us by surprise; never turn down an experience that has the potential to change your life.

Kaitlyn TanisKaitlyn Tanis '15

Major: History/Anthropology
Internship Location: National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C.
Title: Processing Department
Experience: I worked in preserving documents from the Civil War, World War II, the 80s, and Custom Reports from the 1900s.
Quote: I would encourage everyone, no matter what year, to look for internships. There are always opportunities out there for all majors that allow you to get hands-on experience that is so valuable when you are looking for jobs. Plus, it is a great way for you to judge if this career path is what you want to do with your life. By working in the field, you get to see what you could potentially be doing every day.

Ainsley RossittoAinsley Rossitto '13

Major: International Studies with a Comparative Cultural Concentration & English; Spanish minor
Internship Location: The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Title: Torture Awareness Intern
Experience: As a summer intern with The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns (Washington, D.C.), I was responsible for reaching out to constituents to promote awareness of the practice of torture nationally and internationally. I represented the organization at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) by assisting in the organization’s torture awareness events and protests particularly to close Guantanamo Bay. Also, I helped in advocacy to put an end to indefinite detention and solitary confinement in prisons. I was also active in advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill, participated in national grassroots outreach, and wrote various online articles and speeches for press conferences.
Quote: The work I did at my internship inspired my Senior Capstone project, which explored media representations of U.S. sponsored torture post September 11, 2001.

Maeve KirbyMaeve Kirby '14

Major: International Studies/Religion
Internship Location: Amizade Service Learning, Pittsburgh, PA
Title: Alumni Outreach Intern
Experience: Amizade empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service. My sole responsibility was to engage past participants and keep them updated on news, upcoming programs, and giving opportunities. I compiled research on the effects of study abroad on mental health and created a handbook for our community partners.
Quote: If there is an internship opportunity that you come across and are the least bit interested in, then you should apply! Find something you are passionate about, and go for it. Have confidence in yourself! You'll never know what could come from it until you give it a chance!

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