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GO Your Own Way

GO Your Own Way (GYOW) is a challenging option for students wishing to fulfill the cross-cultural requirement in a way not already offered by the Office of Cross-Cultural Programs. This experience needs to be a minimum two-week immersion in a cultural setting different from one's own and can be completed either in a foreign country or within the United States.

To apply for a GYOW program, there are three steps:

Step 1: Research programs or ideas

There are generally three different types of GYOW programs: third party provider programs,  service programs offered by affiliated providers, internships in a cross-cultural setting, and independent research programs completely designed by students. Start by thinking of places you may want to go or things you want to do and research programs offered by program providers that may fit those interests. If you don't find what you want, start thinking about issues that you have an interest in learning about and researching and begin to build your own cross-cultural independent study from them.

A cross-cultural experience can mean traveling to a different country, but it is also possible to experience a significant cross-cultural immersion within your own country. It is up to you to demonstrate that what you propose will immerse you in a new and different cultural setting. Check out "What's Up with Culture?" to get a better idea of what culture and studying away mean.

Step 2: Schedule a meeting with the Study Away Advisor

Contact crossculturalprogram@susqu.edu to schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas for GYOW.

Step 3: Submit proposal and essay

After your meeting, download a copy of the GYOW application (available on mySU), which outlines the 2-3 page proposal that you will write describing your study away plans and how they will fulfill the GO requirements. The proposal and the completed application should be submitted to the OCCP six months before you plan to leave for your program. It will take 4-6 weeks for the application materials to be processed. You will then receive a follow-up email informing you of the status of your application. 

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