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GO Cyprus: A Table Divided

CyprusGO Cyprus is a two-week summer program centered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Students are immersed in Cyprus’ rich history and explore the political division between the Turkish-Cypriot Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek-Cypriot Republic of Cyprus, and how those identities are often reflected in the culture, politics, and food. Students will participate in a cooking class designed to compare and contrast the differing cultures of Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus.  

This program includes several day trips to both the northern and southern parts of the beautiful Mediterranean Island, such as  Kyrenia and Troodos mountain villages, and Kourion and Kolossi castles.

Location: Nicosia, Cyprus; day trips to north and south sides of the island  

Dates: May 13-29, 2015

Prerequisites: Readings and research as assigned by the program directors.  

Academic Credit: Two semester hours; satisfies the GO requirement of the Central Curriculum  

Majors of Interest: Open to all majors.  

Application: Online application available on mySU.  

Cost: $5,495; includes airfare, accommodation, activities, and meals

Financial aid:  Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement.  

Program Directors:  Christina Dinges, study away advisor, Office of Cross-Cultural Programs; Cymone Fourshey, associate professor of history, program director of GO Villandraut and faculty coordinator for post-graduate advising; and Jerry Habegger, associate professor of accounting and program director of SWSB London Program

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