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Life is Good in Chile

GO ChileExplore port and major cities as well as the Andes Mountains with Life is Good in Chile. Enjoy physically challenging and culturally immersive experiences; participate in service opportunities and interactions with Chileans of all ages; and learn about the country’s history, geography and economy.

Dates (subject to change):  Dec. 27, 2014, to Jan. 11, 2015.

Pre-requisites:  Students are expected to

  1. Complete readings as assigned by program directors, as well as a willingness to learn a little basic Spanish;
  2. Accept and fulfill the responsibility of completing not only the academic requirements of the pre-departure, experiential and reflective phases of the course, but also the rules and regulations established by the course and its instructors;
  3. Contribute to the dynamics of the course by rising early (some days begin at 6 a.m.), adapting to cultural changes and managing themselves so that their behaviors follow the letter and spirit of Susquehanna University’s policies for appropriate conduct; and
  4. Ensure that they have the willingness and physical fitness and stamina to participate in activities such as walking extensively, hiking strenuous mountain trails, camping and rafting the swift waters of Chilean rivers.

Location:  The trip begins in the beach location of Pichilemu, moves to the cities of Santiago, Valparaiso and Vena del Mar; and concludes near the town of Los Quenes in the Andes Mountains.

Academic Credit:  Two semester hours (this program and accompanying course satisfy the GO requirement)

Majors of Interest: All majors will profit from the experience.

Application:  The course is offered every two years.

Cost:  $5,500; includes all flights, accommodations, activities and all meals.

Financial Aid:  Need-based financial aid may be available for students satisfying the GO requirement. 

Program Coordinators:  Dennis Bowers (head baseball Coach; strength and conditioning coach) and George Cravitz (faculty, education department; adviser, Sigmund Weis School of Business’ Enactus); Kaitlyn Skelley Wahila, (head field hockey coach).

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