Women’s Studies


WMST-100 Introduction to Women's Studies

Introduction to Women's Studies focuses on issues relating to women and their lives, and the impact that gender has on them. It also considers the topic of intersectionality. Finally, it reflects on the connections between theory (in particular, feminist theory) and practice/activism.

WMST-200 Feminist Philosophy

An examination of the various forms of feminist philosophy (e.g., liberal feminism, radical feminism, existential feminism, Marxist/socialist feminism, psychoanalytic feminism, postmodern feminism, eco-feminism, multicultural and global feminism). Emphasizes how feminism differs from common (mis)understandings of it. Some attention is also given to various women in professional philosophy. Same as PHIL-212. Prerequisite: One course in philosophy or one course in women's studies or completion of the Diversity Central Curriculum requirement or instructor's permission. 4 SH.

WMST-207 Women in the Biblical Tradition

An extensive inquiry into women's stories and images in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and related literature from the biblical period. Explores the range of roles played by women within biblical narratives, the variety of metaphorical/symbolic uses of femininity in biblical traditions, and legal and ethical precepts related to the status of women in the biblical period. Methods and approaches from the social sciences, history, literary studies, and theology, as shaped by feminist theory, will serve as the main guides for this study. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and one course in religious studies, women's studies, English or history, or DIVS-100. Same as JWST-207 and RELI-207.

WMST-211 Women and U.S. Politics

An introductory examination of the role of women in the U.S. political system. The course includes a theoretical and historical view of the development of women's political activity in the United States, as well as a contemporary look at women as activists, voters, and candidates. Current issues are incorporated as appropriate. Same as POLI-211. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

WMST-225 Women in Religion

Critically studies how women are perceived, portrayed, and involved in a number of the world's religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and women's spiritual movements. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Same as RELI-225.

WMST-240 Female Action Heroines in Film

This course examines the emergence and development of the female action heroine in film over the course of the last fifty years within the popular "action film" genre. This course critically evaluates visual and thematic markers of femininity, masculinity, sexuality, race, and class with respect to representations of female action heroines in a variety of films. Same as FILM-240.

WMST-250 The Biology of Women

Examines the genetic and biological basis of gender difference, the unique biology of the female body, and women's health care issues. Topics include female reproductive anatomy and the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and birth, developmental differences in the sexes, and reproductive technologies. Also covers problems such as breast cancer, premenstrual syndrome, and osteoporosis. Includes the role of women in the health care system, as well as biology and science in general. Not for biology major or minor credit. Same as BIOL-157.

WMST-300 Women and Violence

The course examines some of the many kinds of violence involving women, including pornography, sexual harassment, battering, and rape. The course also considers the effects of such violence, as well as possible responses, including raising awareness, establishing and enforcing a variety of laws, training individuals in self-defense, and engaging in various forms of activism. The class also includes some training in women's self-defense.

WMST-313 Women in Art

A study of the historic perception and the social history of the role of women in art: as artist, as subject of art, and as patron (audience) of art. Emphasizes exploration and debate over issues affecting present day perceptions about the woman artist of the past and the future. Same as ARTH-313. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

WMST-334 Psychology of Gender

Explores current theory and research in the development of gender and consequences of gender roles. Covers evolutionary, biological, psychoanalytic, cognitive, social learning, and cross-cultural perspectives on gender, as well as approaches that seek to understand interactions among these influences. Prerequisites: Junior standing and either PSYC-101 or SOCI-101. Same as PSYC-334.

WMST-365 Literature and Gender

Courses exploring such topics as women in literature, literature by women, literature and sexuality, the construction of gender in literature, and feminist literary theory. Same as ENGL-365.

WMST-380 Women in Organizations

Examines the role of sex and gender in organizations. Special attention is given to topics relevant to women working in organizations, such as sex and gender differences in: career/job preferences, advancement and pay, teamwork, leadership, sexuality in the workplace and work-family balance. Other topics addressed include hostile vs. benevolent sexism, as well as practices designed to increase diversity within organizations. Class is conducted in a seminar format. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of the instructor. Same as MGMT-468.

WMST-400 Topics in Women's Studies

Occasional offerings of specialized courses exploring topics of pertinent interest to faculty members and students.

WMST-500 Women's Studies Research

Individual work on a focused topic or specialized area in women's studies/the study of gender. Course requirements may be fulfilled in a variety of ways: library research culminating in a major paper; work at an internship site leading to a report/analysis of that work; some sort of creative activity that includes a written reflective analysis of same.

WMST-503 Practicum

Individual work on a focused topic or specialized area in women's studies/the study of gender.

WMST-505 Independent Study

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