Supporting A Place for Collaboration and Inquiry … and Maybe a Cup of Coffee

Friends of the Blough-Weis Library may be a new organization, but its members have bolstered the work of the library for many years. They have generously earmarked funds for our building campaign, attended library events and donated in-kind gifts. Efforts to expand and improve the library would not have been successful without this support.

Join our Friends in this special work and reap the benefits. All it takes is a gift designated for the Blough-Weis Library. Make a gift today!

Thanks to the generosity of Friends, the Blough-Weis Library is …

More people are visiting the library than ever before, thanks to its flexible space that accommodates a variety of needs.

The first floor was completely redesigned and refreshed in 2014 to make the space more student-focused. Open and airy, there’s comfortable seating for group discussions, helpful library staff who answer questions—even a coffee shop to provide stimulation and sustenance.

The library also hosts art exhibitions, sponsors book clubs, and showcases historical collections and memorabilia throughout the year.

The Blough-Weis Library offers everything a user needs to acquire information and pursue knowledge. Since the Susquehanna curriculum embraces collaborative learning, you’ll find plenty of group study areas equipped with white boards for brainstorming and technology for easy content sharing. Of course, there are places for quiet study as well.

The library’s print, digital and special collections continue to expand, and the library regularly adds articles, presentations and posters by Susquehanna students and faculty to its Scholarly Commons online repository.

Funding from Friends of the Blough-Weis Library helps the staff connect with students at every level of their academic career. They go into classrooms and teach how to research topics in every academic discipline, how to qualify sources, even how to create annotated bibliographies. They have also created an online tutorial to help first-year students hone their research skills.

Additionally, library staff provides one-on-one research consultation for capstone and other research projects. The library also offers 24/7 access during finals week each semester.

Friends of the Blough-Weis Library Steering Committee

Carol Sensenig ’72 Klein: Carol’s first work-study job was as a student assistant in the library, working at the circulation desk. After graduating from Susquehanna, Carol founded the Writing Center and maintained her connection to SU by serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Alex Smith: Alex came to Susquehanna in 1979 to work for admissions, serving as the assistant director. Alex then worked in the registrar’s office for 32 years. Alex believes the library at Susquehanna is central to students’ liberal arts education.

Katherine Furlong: Katherine currently serves as university librarian and director of the Blough-Weis Library. Along with her colleagues in advancement, Katherine spearheaded the effort to bring the Friends of the Library group to fruition.

Tamara Erney ’06 Ozlanski: Tammy returned to work for Susquehanna in 2016, and currently serves as the director of gift planning in the advancement office. The library was an integral part of her academic experience as a student.

Craig Stark: Craig is an associate professor in the Department of Communications. Craig served on the Faculty Library Committee where he learned about how the library worked and the services that it offers. Craig has an interest in impacting the library through his involvement with the group and hopes to use the newly formed friends group to connect it to other offices on campus.

Tina Jansen P’17: Tina serves as the administrative assistant at the Blough-Weis Library, offering support to the director and staff members for various programs and initiatives. Her responsibilities within the Steering Committee include contacting alumni, organizing mailings and meetings, and planning the details of Friends’ events.

Seema Tailor ’18: Seema is a senior communications major at Susquehanna. Over the summer, Seema was an intern in the university’s advancement office and the Blough-Weis Library.

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