The Center for Academic Success (CAS) offers support in tutoring, learning support and disability services, as well as  transitions and completion. The CAS supports all students, whether you need help or want to keep succeeding. We can help you learn more effectively by building on your strengths, navigate academic policies and processes, and help connect you to other campus resources.

The CAS services are free. Private academic support services could cost you $20-$60 per hour, but as a Susquehanna University student, you pay nothing.

During the Spring 2021 semester, all CAS support services will be offered online.

Academic Skills

The CAS offers help for students looking to improve their foundational academic skills. Our academic skills peer tutors work collaboratively with other SU students to provide individual and group sessions to enhance their skills to become more successful and independent learners.

Academic skills peer tutors:

  • Help students develop new skills or build on what they already know including time management, organization, college-level reading, notetaking, test preparation, etc.
  • Assist students in creating study groups and successfully navigating group work

To schedule an appointment with an academic skills tutor, click here.

Students on Academic Probation

Please visit the Academic Warning, Probation, & Suspension page. Academic skills peer tutors and/or subject-specific tutors are strongly recommended for students on academic probation and warning.

Tutoring Services

The CAS hosts writing, math, languages, international (ELL) and academic skills tutoring. Tutors are students who work collaboratively with other SU students to provide individual and group tutoring sessions to enhance their skills in specific subjects to become more successful and independent learners.

Peer tutors assist students by reviewing materials, clarifying problems and discussing course content while maintaining a professional attitude and helpful demeanor.

Request a Withdrawal

As a student, you might be considering whether taking a leave of absence from the university is the right decision for you based on your individual circumstances at this time. The Center for Academic Success understands the various reasons why you might need to take some time away and has outlined steps below to help you make an informed decision — and how to reenroll in classes when you return.

Career Development Center

Get one-on-one advising and learn valuable skills that help navigate a lifetime of job searches and career shifts.

Majors & Minors

Choose from more than 60 majors and minors! There’s something for everyone at Susquehanna.

Disability Services

We’re committed to working with students who have disabilities by providing reasonable and adequate accommodations.

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