The academic probation process is:

  • The Center for Academic Achievement (CAA) will notify you that you are on academic probation.
  • When you return to campus, you will need to complete the a recovery plan called a Plan for Success.
  • Once you have completed the Plan for Success, you will schedule an appointment with a staff member in the CAA.
  • You will attend your first meeting with the CAA to discuss your Plan for Success and determine what other conditions are required to meet your semester goals (such as tutoring, meeting with you advisor, schedule weekly meetings with the CAA, etc.). You will be expected to meet the academic performance milestones and any other requirements agreed upon in the plan.
  • It is important for you to know that if you don't attend your meeting and don't show improvement the semester you are on academic probation, there is a possibility you could be academically suspended. 
  • In a case of catastrophic academic performance (e.g., D, F or W in all courses for a given term, leading to a term GPA of 1.00 or less), a first-year student may be placed on suspension without having been on probation. Otherwise, a student must be on probation for at least one semester before suspension, and a second semester below the relevant probation criterion leads to suspension.

Academic suspension is the end result of falling below Susquehanna University's standards for good academic standing. Students who are academically suspended are not eligible to register for classes and are required to take time away from the institution.

Students are notified of their academic suspension by email and a letter is sent home.

The first suspension must include at least one semester and one summer and, depending on circumstances, may require two semesters and one summer. If the student again meets the criteria for suspension after readmission, they will be permanently suspended from the university.

To understand requirements related to the academic progress policy for financial aid, students can contact Carolyn Neimond in Student Financial Services at 570-372-4053. To discuss vacating the residence hall, students can call Colleen Bunn at 570-372-4137.

To help you prepare for a strong return, examples of actions you can take include:

  • Working closely with a Center for Academic Achievement staff member during your time away
  • Earning grades of C or higher in coursework at another institution
  • Finding full-time employment or volunteer opportunities
  • Working consistently with a health/mental health professional

A student returning from suspension will be on probation until meeting the criteria for good academic standing and must complete a Plan for Success. See the Academic Probation tab for more.

Students returning from suspension are expected to achieve good academic standing by the end of two semesters after being readmitted. If, after two semesters, the student remains below the relevant probation criterion, they will be permanently suspended from the university. If, after two semesters, the student is above the relevant probation criterion but still below good academic standing, they may have a third and final semester to achieve good academic standing.

After the period of suspension, you should contact the Coordinator of Transitions and Completion in the Center for Academic Achievement at or ext. 4413 to indicate an interest in returning.

You will need to provide the following information to prepare your petition for readmission:

  • Complete the intention to reenter the university form
  • A one-page letter outlining: 
    • What hindered academic performance during your time at Susquehanna 
    • What you've done during your time away to address those issues 
    • A plan of action explaining how you will use campus resources to succeed, including how you would deal with any minor setbacks, after returning to the university
  • Supporting documentation (letter of recommendation from employer, therapist, professor, etc., indicating readiness to return)
  • Please send official transcript and all supporting documents to: Center for Academic Achievement, Susquehanna University, Fisher 207/Ryan Redfern, 514 University Ave., Selinsgrove, PA 17870