The STEM Zone was established in 2019 with the goal of helping our 1st and 2nd year STEM majors succeed. We work to achieve this goal by providing peer-tutoring in the form of review sessions and 1-on-1 tutoring in Math, Biology, Neuroscience, Chemistry and Physics.  Additionally, we host community events that showcases the importance of STEM to society at large.

STEM Model Student Tutoring

STEM Model Students are current SU upper-level students who have previously taken a course, and are re-taking the course along side you. 

To connect with a model student, look for your STEM course in the list below, find the name of your model student, look them up via the mySU directory, and email them directly.

Model students are available in the following courses for the Spring 2021 Semester:

Course Title Professor Model Student
Biostatistics D.Matlaga Rachel Greenblat
BIOL-220-02 Biostatistics A.Sweger Kate Carango
Biostatistics D.Matlaga Erin Bean
BIOL-102-01 Cell Biology & Genetics M.Peeler Katie Welker
BIOL-102-02 Cell Biology & Genetics T.Peeler Caitlin Weaver 
BIOL-102-03 Cell Biology & Genetics P.Vivekanand Lanie Urbanski 
MATH-108-01 Intro to Statistics R.Hart Ayla Sinclair
MATH-108-02 Intro to Statistics J.Graham Ian Reish
MATH-108-03 Intro to Statistics R.Hart Ayla Sinclair
MATH-108-05 Intro to Statistics A.Wilce Jocelyn McMahon
MATH-108-06 Intro to Statistics A.Jensen Connor Van Zijl
MATH-201  Linear algebra A. Wilce Megan Herbine
BIOL-455-01 Functional Neuroanatomy E.Rhinehart Holly Jones 
BIOL‐225‐01 Organismal Form & Function E.Rhinehart Tiffany Guth
CHEM-104-01 General Chemistry 2 S.Basu Callie Rohrer 
CHEM-104-02 General Chemistry 2 K. Patel-Desai Jeffrey Klinger 
CHEM-221-01 Organic Chemistry 1 G.Henry Ashley Strevig
CHEM-221-02 Organic Chemistry 1 P.Brogdon Kali Rebuck 
CHEM-232   Structure and Reactivity W. Dougherty Ryan Germann 
PHYS-205-01 Intro to Physics 2: Algebra N. Stepanik
PHYS-205-02 Intro to Physics 2: Algebra R. Everly
PHYS-206-02 Intro to Physics 2: Calculus J. Carter Gwendyln Conley