Susquehanna University supports each student’s academic journey and advises you to engage with members of the university community to better inform you of options that are available to you. If you are considering time away from the university, or looking to return, you are strongly encouraged to follow the process outlined below to best support your academic transition.

1. Meet with Advisor

You are advised to first meet with your academic advisor before continuing the withdrawal/leave of absence process.

2. Complete and Discuss Exit Survey

Contact the Center for Academic Success, complete the Exit Survey and meet with a Center for Academic Success team member.

Contact Information:
Center for Academic Success
Fisher Hall, 2nd level
Phone: 570-372-4412
Fax: 570-372-2778

3. Submit Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form

Before your courses can be dropped and administrative offices can be notified, you must submit the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence Form to the registrar’s office. You’ll complete the form with a Center for Academic Success staff member.

Contact Information:
Registrar’s Office
Seibert Hall, lower level
Phone: 570-372-4109

4. Academic Plan

If you take time away and return to Susquehanna, your program requirements may change when you reenroll. If you leave the university for one year or less, you may fulfill either your original major and Central Curriculum requirements or the revised requirements. If you withdraw or take a leave of absence from the university for more than one year, you will follow any changes made in your academic program requirements during that time.

5. Transcripts

The Registrar’s Office will issue your official transcripts of your academic record upon signed request. Susquehanna reserves the right to withhold transcripts of students who have outstanding financial obligations to the university.

Request a Transcript

6. Financial Details

You are welcome, and advised, to contact Student Financial Services (SFS) prior to your withdrawal/leave of absence from the university to understand the impact it may have on your student account. If you utilize federal or state student aid, you should also contact SFS to understand any impact on your financial aid eligibility and student loan repayment.

For more information, please review the SFS refund policy.

7. International Students

International students are also required to complete the withdrawal process as well as notify the university’s International Student Services Coordinator at