All-day Workshop: Monday, Oct. 14, 2019

This workshop offers Continuing education certification and 6 hours of ACT48 credit for free to teachers.

Keynote Speaker: Kim Holder — (University of West Georgia, Director, UWG Center for Economic Education)

Thinking Big & Starting Small: Innovations and Adventures in the Classroom

James Beal — (Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX), University of St. Thomas)

Developing Entrepreneurial Techniques for Career Readiness—No Matter What Career You Choose!

In the changed and changing world of work, what has a “career path” come to mean? At one time in not-too-distant history, a career path meant finding and keeping an occupation for life. Nowadays, a career path – particularly in the business world – could look more like a zig-zag of hop scotch than a straight line. Career success, no matter if a person works for a company or creates one, has evolved to favor those who can think critically, creatively, collaboratively and use the entrepreneurial method find ways to lose small and win big.

Asel Umarova — (PSECU)

Personal Finance Basics and Future Implications

This workshop will discuss the following:

  1. Budgeting Activity—the pillar of proper financial management (Where you are spending money? and things that might take you by surprise!)
  2. Establishing Credit: How do I get credit on my own? Valuable information for students!
  3. Credit Scores vs. Credit Reports- what info is in each and what makes up your score?
  4. Tips and Tricks to pay down debt and increase your score

Theresa Finley — (Suquehanna University)

US History and Economics:

This workshop will engage teachers and provide tips for teaching topics in US Economic History, such as the economic causes of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression.

Brenda Flanders — (Greenwood School District)

Breakout Boxes (Accounting and Team Building)

Escape the ordinary classroom with Breakout Boxes (an Escape Room in a box). Participate in a Breakout Box with other teachers, explore content resources and make the 4C’s come alive by using critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. After this workshop your students will be ready to BREAKOUT from any Content Area. This session will focus specifically on a breakout box for teaching accounting and one for teaching team building.

Emily Marshall — (Dickinson University)

Exploring the Relationship Between Taxes and Their Impact on the Economy



Kim Holder

Kim Holder

Kim Holder is the Director of the University of West Georgia’s (UWG) Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy and a Senior Lecturer of Economics in the Richards College of Business (RCOB). Kim’s passion for her students is notable both inside and outside of the classroom having been awarded many times for her work as an educator and researcher.

Holder’s academic research focuses on creatively teaching with media and social media to break down barriers to economics education. She created the National Rockonomix Contest ( Journal of Economic Education, along with other innovative techniques (“Putting Yourself in the Picture with an ECONSelfie”, International Review of Economic Education, “Art of Econ: Incorporating the Arts through Active Learning Assignments in Principles Courses”, Journal of Economics and Finance Education, and “The Economics of The Hunger Games”, International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education) in order to engage today’s students. She is also the co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Macroeconomics (W.W. Norton) and the Digital Implementation Guide for Mankiw’s Principles of Economics (Cengage), which are instructional resources for teaching economists.


James Beal

James Beal

As Managing Editor of (Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange), James manages technology operations and websites, while collaborating with entrepreneurship thought leaders, scholars, faculty, and directors from universities and organizations nationwide. Over the years, he has worked on technology projects for companies large and small and also founded or joined several startups, some of which ascended to greater things and some of which failed. He has helped raise over $1M for startups and appreciates entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial experience on many levels. Helping to lead development of EIX since its inception in 2014, James is committed to the mission of more broadly promoting the practice and science of entrepreneurship and the success of new ventures.

James earned an individualized master’s degree in software engineering, geographic and urban information systems from Minnesota State University - Mankato and is working toward a post master’s certificate of advanced study in machine learning and statistics at University of St Thomas.


Theresa Finley

Theresa Finley

Dr. Theresa Finley is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the Sigmund Weis School of Business at Susquehanna University. Her research interests include Economic History and the Economics of Religion. She teaches courses on Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economic Policy and Economic History. In her classes, Dr. Finley uses games to teach a variety of economic concepts. She created a new course in Spring 2019 for Susquehanna University on Economic History.


Brenda Flanders

Brenda Flanders

Brenda Flanders holds an MBA and has 20 years of real world experience in Accounting, Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship and four years teaching Business Classes which includes three levels of Accounting, two levels of Business Law, Business Economics, Personal Finance and Computer Education.


Emily Marshall

Emily Marshall

Dr. Emily C. Marshall is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Dickinson College. Her research interests include monetary and macroeconomics, public economics, behavioral economics, and economic education. Her research has recently been published in Macroeconomic Dynamics, Justice Quarterly, and the Journal of Economic Education. Emily is active in the economics teaching community, attending and serving as a presenter, discussant, session chair, and panel member at the Conference on Teaching and Research in Economics Education, the Southern Economics Association meetings, St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank Annual Professors Conference, University of Kentucky Economics Teaching Workshop, American Economic Association meetings, and the Lilly International Conference on College Teaching.