Disability Accommodations

Admitted students with disabilities may apply for reasonable accommodations they need to achieve, lead and serve at Susquehanna University.  The Office of Disability Services provides equal educational access to qualified students with disabilities, affirms the right of persons with disabilities to obtain access in a manner promoting dignity and independence and provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations.

How to Make an Accommodation Request

For information on how to make an accommodation request, review the request for accommodations process and documentation guidelines.

Types of Accommodations

Accommodations are determined by the Office of Disability Services on a case-by-case basis depending upon the supporting evidence and recommendations given in the documentation. There must be a direct connection between the disability/condition and the accommodations being requested. If the documentation is incomplete or does not support the request(s), further information may be needed.

Accommodations will not be approved if the documentation does not meet the required standards. Review the documentation guidelines here

Testing in a Reduced Distraction Area Request

Instructors are responsible for working with students to provide testing accommodations. Instructors are strongly encouraged to provide testing accommodations within their departments because students with disabilities are best served when accommodated in the most integrated setting possible. However, if testing accommodations cannot be provided in the classroom or another room or office within the department, the testing support services will be used.

This service will only be provided to students with documented disabilities who have been approved by the Office of Disability Services for this specific accommodation.

Reduced Distraction Area Request Form

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