The Major in Accounting. A major in accounting requires successful completion of the Business Foundation and the accounting courses listed below. No grade below a C- will be accepted toward graduation for foundation courses. Students who earn a grade below C- in a foundation course must retake the course during the next semester that it is offered.

The accounting course descriptions listed later in the catalog identify prerequisites, and these suggest the order in which students should complete their work within the Business Foundation and the accounting major. First-semester Weis School students also enroll in MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives (four semester hours), which provides an introduction to liberal studies and college life, an overview of business functional areas, career opportunities and the Sigmund Weis School curriculum. This course satisfies the Perspectives requirement of the Central Curriculum.

Double-counting restriction: no student may have more than one major in the Sigmund Weis School of Business. Students who wish to study an additional subject area of the Weis School’s curriculum should consult their advisor about declaring an academic minor.

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Year 1

4 ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics
4 ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics

4        Choose from: MGMT-202 Business Statistics, MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics, MATH-109 Statistics for Social Sciences, MATH-180 Statistical Methods or PSYC-123 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Year 2

4 INFS-174 Data Collection and Modeling
4 ACCT-200 Financial Accounting
4 ACCT-210 Legal Environment
2 INFS-233 Data Driven Decision Making
4 MGMT-240 Principles of Management
4 MKTG-280 Marketing
2 PRDV-105 Introduction to Professional Development

Year 3

4 ACCT-330 Cost Management
4 FINC-340 Corporate Financial Management

Year 4

4 INFS-472 Data Insight and Visualization
4 MGMT-400 Business Policy and Strategy
4 MGMT-404 Global Business Ethics

Requirements for the Major in Accounting

2 ACCT-220 Introduction to Taxation
2 FINC-300 Financial Statement Analysis
4 ACCT-301 Intermediate Accounting I
4 ACCT-302 Intermediate Accounting II
2 ACCT-305 Federal Taxation
4 ACCT-309 Accounting Information Systems
4 ACCT-420 Auditing
4 ACCT-430 Managerial Accounting Policy

To satisfy the major course requirements, courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better.

For the purposes of calculating the required 2.00 minimum GPA in the accounting major, the Accounting Department uses the following courses: ACCT-220 Introduction to Taxation, ACCT-301 Intermediate Accounting I, ACCT-302 Intermediate Accounting II, ACCT-305 Federal Taxation, ACCT-309 Accounting Information Systems, ACCT-330 Cost Management, ACCT-420 Auditing and ACCT-430 Managerial Accounting Policy. An accounting student must take at least 50 percent of these courses at Susquehanna.

Minor in Accounting. The minor in accounting has two purposes. It introduces liberal arts majors to career opportunities in the accounting profession, and it provides systematic study of accounting as a social science. The minor is not open to students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in business degree.

The minor in accounting requires completion of 26 semester hours, including ACCT-200 Financial Accounting, ACCT-210 Legal Environment, FINC-300 Financial Statement Analysis, ACCT-301 Intermediate Accounting I, ACCT-330 Cost Management, either ECON-105 Elements of Economics or ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics, and four additional semester hours of accounting courses. The department recommends that students pursuing a minor also complete a statistics course. No more than one grade lower than C- will be accepted in fulfillment of the minor requirements.