Africana Studies

The Africana Studies minor completes, with a grade of C- or better, at least 20 semester hours in the following courses. Students consult with a minor adviser to select courses and are expected to take a balance of upper- and lower-level courses.  At least three of these courses must be at the 200-level or higher.

Double-counting restriction for interdisciplinary minors: Only 4 semester hours of this minor may be double-counted toward the student's major.

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ENGL-245 Studies in Comparative Literatures of the Americas (Multicultural/Non-Western)
HIST-115 African-American History
HIST-171 African Civilization
HIST-172 Early Modern Africa
HIST-180 Latin America, 1492-1825
HIST-181 Latin America 1825-Present
HIST-314 The Long Civil Rights Movement
HIST-390 Topics in History (when offered as Violence, Terror and Race)
MUSC-102 A Study of Jazz
PHIL-130 Philosophy and Hip-Hop
PHIL-150 Race, Class and Ethics
PHIL-212/WMST-200 Feminist Philosophy
PHIL-214 Black Existentialism
PHIL-255 Philosophy and the City: Plato's Republic and HBO's "The Wire"
PHIL-305 Topics in Philosophy (when offered as Philosophy of Race)
POLI-300 Seminar (when offered as African Politics)
POLI-314 Diversity in American Politics
POLI-324 Issues in Comparative Politics (when offered as Comparative Democratization)
PSYC-350 Psychology, Culture, and Ethnicity
SOCI-202 Black Feminism I
SOCI-210 Caribbean Culture and Society
SOCI-316 Social Justice
SOCI-413/ANTH-413 Race, Ethnicity and Minorities
THEA-254 African-American Theatre History

Students are also encouraged to fulfill their Global Opportunities requirement by spending time immersed in cultures of the African continent and diaspora, for example GO Short or Long programs in South Africa, the Caribbean, or New Orleans.