Art History

Requirements for the Major in Art History. The Bachelor of Arts in art history requires 48 semester hours in art history and studio art with grades of C- or better.

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12      Art History Requirements

4 ARTH-101 Introduction to Art History I: Prehistoric to Late Middle Ages
4 ARTH-102 Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Modern
4 ARTH-403 Senior Thesis

28      Art History Electives

28      Choose elective art history courses selected with faculty adviser guidance (may include internship or independent study credit).

8      Studio Art Electives

8      Choose two studio art courses (ARTS-111 Foundations of Art I and a photography course are recommended).

Reading knowledge of a second language is helpful for undertaking research in non-English scholarship.

Minor in Art History. The minor in art history requires 20 semester hours of art history courses with a grade of C- or above. Required courses include ARTH-101, ARTH-102 and three additional art history courses.