Graphic Design

Requirements for the Graphic Design (BA) Major. The BA major in graphic design requires 48 semester hours of Art Department courses with grades of C- or better.

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design is a liberal arts program intended for those who are interested in graphic design but unsure if they wish to pursue a career in the field. Students are strongly encouraged to double-major with a related program, such as Marketing, Editing and Publishing, Luxury Brand Marketing and Management, Creative Writing, or Communications-Advertising. Many other combinations are possible. Admission to the program does not require a portfolio, but those seeking to transfer to the BFA in Graphic Design program may only do so with approval.

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20      Department of Art Requirements

4      ARTH-101 Introduction to Art History I: Prehistoric to Late Middle Ages or ARTH-102 Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Modern

4 ARTS-111 Foundations of Art I

4      ARTS-113 Drawing or ARTS-243 Digital Photography

4      ARTH-300 or higher Art History Elective

4 ARTS-402 Senior Portfolio

16      Graphic Design Requirements

4 ARTG-251 Computer Applications in Graphic Design
4 ARTG-252 Visual Communication
4 ARTG-253 Typography

4       One course chosen from the following: ARTG-352 Package Design, ARTG-354 Interactive Graphic Design I, ARTG-355 Brand Identity Design, or ARTS-400 Independent Study.

12 hours of electives chosen from ARTG, ARTH, or ARTS courses, including ARTS-400 Independent Study and ARTS-404 Internship.