Arts Administration

The interdisciplinary minor in Arts Administration is designed for students with a strong interest in pursuing arts operations careers or enhancing their academic study of arts-related disciplines from a business perspective. Through this minor, students will learn how foundational business principles are applied to the philosophy and practice of arts operations, and gain an understanding of the professional ethics and personnel management issues associated with working in the fine arts.

The minor in Arts Administration is appropriate for those considering careers in performing arts administration, arts education, museum operations, drama literary management, artistic direction and music administration.

Double-counting restriction for interdisciplinary minors: Only 8 semester hours of this minor may be double-counted toward the student's major.

Semester Hours View Full Course Catalog >>
4 MGMT-290 Non Profit Management
4 ACCT-200 Financial Accounting
4 MUSC-275 Intro to Arts Leadership

And 12 semester hours chosen from the following: 

THEA-100 Introduction to Theatre, MUSC-101 Introduction to Music or MUSC-250 Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras

THEA-246 Scenic Design or THEA-340 Stage Management & Theatre Operations

ACCT-340 Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting

MGMT-360 Management and Organizational Behavior or MKTG-280 Marketing

COMM-211 Public Relations or ENGL-299 Professional & Civic Writing  

THEA-501 Production Lab or MUSC-504 Internship (repeatable once)