Biomedical Sciences

Requirements for the Major in Biomedical Sciences. The rigorous Biomedical Sciences major combines a solid foundation in the basic sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics with more applied courses related to the study of the human body plus the addition of courses in the social sciences that will prepare students for working effectively in the field of biomedicine as health care practitioners and biomedical researchers. This major allows students to meet the requirements for admission to medical and other professional programs and ensures they will have the necessary coursework to prepare for entrance exams such as the MCAT, DAT and OAT. Students completing this major will also be well prepared for admission to graduate study programs in biomedicine, such as cell and molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology, or microbiology, and to work in biomedical research settings. Students in the Biomedical Sciences major may not double-major or minor in Biology.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences requires 67-68 semester hours in the following courses, with grades of C- or better:

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12 Biology Sequence

4 BIOL-101 Ecology and Evolution
4 BIOL-102 Cell Biology and Genetics
4 BIOL-205 Organismal Biology

4 Upper-level Cell/Molecular Biology with Labratory

        Take one of the following options:

4        BIOL-300/301 Developmental Biology

4        BIOL-306/307 Cell Biology

4        BIOL-312/313 Microbiology

4        BIOL-316/317 Molecular Biology

4        BIOL-319 Advanced Genetics

4        BIOL-400/401 Immunology

16 Chemistry sequence

4        General Chemistry I - choose from: CHEM-101, CHEM-103 or CHEM-111

4        General Chemistry II - choose from: CHEM-102, CHEM-104 or CHEM-232

4 CHEM-221 Organic Chemistry I
4 CHEM-222 Organic Chemistry II

Biochemistry course

     Take one of the following:

3-4      Choose from: CHEM-424 Biochemistry of Metabolism, CHEM-426 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes or CHEM-314 Survey of Biochemistry

8 Physics sequence (the course must be accompanied with the labratory)

4        Introductory Physics I - choose from: PHYS-202, PHYS-203 or PHYS-204

4        Introductory Physics II - choose from: PHYS-205 or PHYS-206

4 Physiology (the course must be accompanied with the labratory when offered)

        Take one course from the following:

4        HLCR-302 Human Physiology

4        BIOL-310/311 Animal Physiology

4        BIOL-320/321 Exercise and Extreme Physiology

12 Additional required courses

4 HLCR-301 Human Anatomy
4 PSYC-101 Principles of Psychology
4 SOCI-101 Principles of Sociology
or ANTH-162 Introduction to Anthropology

4 Statistics

        Take one course from the following:

4 BIOL-220 Biostatistics
4 MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics
4 MATH-180 Statistical Methods

4 Capstone

4 BIOL-350 Investigative Problems in Biology