Business education can start at any age

As part of Susquehanna’s Sigmund Weis School of Business, the Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship Education (CEBEE) serves the local community by hosting workshops for K–12 educators on how to help school-age students learn about economics, entrepreneurship and business.

The center is affiliated with the national Council for Economic Education, the leading nonprofit organization in the United States that is focused on personal finance, business and economics education. Workshops count as free continuing education credits for participating teachers.

Econ Challenge

The Economics Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of economics by competing with other students in Pennsylvania in written online examinations with the hope to make it through to the National Championships in NYC!

Entrepreneurship Challenge

We partner with Pennsylvania universities to teach students how to write a summary business plan in a productive one day session.

Using Broadway to teach economics

Learn about more about CEBEE workshops.

Accounting at Susquehanna

A quality accounting curriculum with exceptional value.

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The Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship Education (CEBEE) supports K–12 educators through the development of new and exciting mechanisms to integrate business education into the classroom.  We aim to serve all K–12 educators (teachers, counselors and home schoolers) by hosting free workshops, seminars, lectures and competitions that will seek to make economics, business and entrepreneurship concepts more understandable, fun and easier to teach through innovative techniques.