Cooperative education programs at Susquehanna help you leverage your classroom-based learning and interests by furthering your education through a university partnership. Co-ops allow you to earn academic credits at Susquehanna University while providing a gateway to pursue a second bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

Eligibility and admission into the co-ops are based upon each individual program. Visit the program pages below for more information. 

Why should you pursue a Co-op? 

Cooperative education programs provide you with the opportunity to continue your education at a highly renowned university and help you stand out amongst your peers in the workforce. You will gain the experience you need to be prepared for a meaningful career upon graduation.

MBA 4 + 1

You can earn a Master of Business Administration in as little as one year at the University of Nicosia. This program is open to all majors. 

Master’s in Management & Organizational Leadership

Bridge the gap between your science or technical background and the business world with a master’s degree in management & organizational leadership at Penn State. This program is open to STEM majors. 

Engineering 3 + 2

We offer cooperative programs at three of the top-50-ranking universities in the U.S. that offer engineering. This is designed for Susquehanna students majoring in chemistry, computer science, mathematics or physics.