Course Listing



ACCT-200 Financial Accounting

ACCT-210 Legal Environment

ACCT-220 Introduction to Taxation

ACCT-301 Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT-302 Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT-305 Federal Taxation

ACCT-309 Accounting Information Systems

ACCT-310 Advanced Business Law

ACCT-330 Cost Management

ACCT-340 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting

ACCT-405 Federal Taxes II

ACCT-410 Consolidations

ACCT-415 Advanced Accounting

ACCT-420 Auditing

ACCT-430 Managerial Accounting Policy

ACCT-496 Topics in Accounting

ACCT-501 Independent Study

ACCT-502 Senior Research

ACCT-503 Accounting Internship

AFRC-101 Introduction to Africana Studies

AFRC-260 The Choreopoem

ANTH-110 Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH-152 Public Culture

ANTH-162 Introduction to Anthropology

ANTH-220 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

ANTH-222 Life During Wartime

ANTH-227 Native America North of Mexico

ANTH-235 Qualitative Research Methods

ANTH-237 Museums and Anthropology

ANTH-245 Quantitative Research Methods

ANTH-301 Topics in Anthropology

ANTH-310 National, Transnational and Diasporic Communities

ANTH-311 Regulating Bodies: Food, Sex, Drugs and the Economy

ANTH-312 History and Culture of Jewish Cuisines

ANTH-322 Visual Anthropology: Imagining the Other

ANTH-323 Wish You Were Here: The Anthropology of Tourism

ANTH-341 Family and Kinship

ANTH-360 Religious Fundamentalisms in the Modern World

ANTH-400 History of Anthropological Theory

ANTH-413 Race, Ethnicity and Minorities

ANTH-500 Seminar

ANTH-501 Independent Research

ANTH-510 Internship in Anthropology

ARBC-101 Beginning Arabic I

ARBC-102 Beginning Arabic II

ARTG-251 Computer Applications in Graphic Design

ARTG-252 Visual Communication

ARTG-253 Typography

ARTG-352 Package Design

ARTG-354 Interactive Graphic Design I

ARTG-355 Brand Identity Design

ARTG-360 Topics in Graphic Design

ARTG-451 Graphic Design Studio

ARTG-453 Publication Design

ARTG-454 Interactive Graphic Design II

ARTG-460 Advanced Topics in Graphic Design

ARTH-101 Introduction to Art History I: Prehistoric to Late Middle Ages

ARTH-102 Introduction to Art History II: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH-205 Greek and Roman Art

ARTH-211 Survey of Non-Western Art

ARTH-300 Topics in Art

ARTH-306 Renaissance Art History

ARTH-307 Baroque Art History

ARTH-309 19th-Century Art History

ARTH-310 Modernism and the Avante-garde

ARTH-313 Women in Art

ARTH-315 History of Photography

ARTH-401 Independent Study

ARTH-403 Senior Thesis

ARTH-412 Contemporary Art

ARTS-111 Foundations of Art I

ARTS-112 Foundations of Art II

ARTS-113 Drawing

ARTS-221 Painting

ARTS-231 Printmaking

ARTS-241 Black and White Photography

ARTS-243 Digital Photography

ARTS-244 Advanced Photography

ARTS-314 Topics in Studio Art

ARTS-341 Topics in Photography

ARTS-400 Independent Study

ARTS-402 Senior Portfolio

ARTS-404 Internship


BIOL-010 Issues in Biology

BIOL-020 Human Sexuality and Reproduction

BIOL-101 Ecology and Evolution

BIOL-102 Cell Biology and Genetics

BIOL-157 The Biology of Women

BIOL-205 Organismal Biology

BIOL-220 Biostatistics

BIOL-250 STEM First-Year Seminar

BIOL-300 Developmental Biology

BIOL-301 Developmental Biology Laboratory

BIOL-302 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

BIOL-303 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory

BIOL-304 Biogeodiversity

BIOL-306 Cell Biology

BIOL-307 Cell Biology Laboratory

BIOL-310 Animal Physiology

BIOL-312 Microbiology

BIOL-313 Microbiology Laboratory

BIOL-314 Advanced Genetics

BIOL-315 Animal and Exercise Physiology Lab

BIOL-316 Molecular Biology

BIOL-317 Molecular Biology Laboratory

BIOL-319 Advanced Genetics

BIOL-320 Exercise and Extreme Physiology

BIOL-324 Animal Behavior

BIOL-325 Animal Behavior Laboratory

BIOL-326 Invertebrate Zoology

BIOL-327 Invertbrate Zoology Laboratory

BIOL-328 Natural History of Early Vertebrates

BIOL-329 Natural History of Early Vertebrates Laboratory

BIOL-332 Population Biology

BIOL-333 Population Biology Laboratory

BIOL-350 Investigative Problems in Biology

BIOL-400 Immunology

BIOL-401 Immunology Laboratory

BIOL-404 Plant Physiology

BIOL-405 Plant Physiology Laboratory

BIOL-408 Aquatic Ecology

BIOL-409 Aquatic Ecology Laboratory

BIOL-422 The Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids

BIOL-423 Biochemistry Nucleic Acids Laboratory

BIOL-424 The Biochemistry of Metabolism

BIOL-426 The Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes

BIOL-427 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes Laboratory

BIOL-429 Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory

BIOL-440 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

BIOL-441 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory

BIOL-450 Advanced STEM Seminar

BIOL-455 Functional Neuroanatomy

BIOL-460 Winter Ecology of Vertebrates

BIOL-461 Winter Ecology of Vertebrates Laboratory

BIOL-500 Topics in Biology

BIOL-501 Seminar in Biology

BIOL-502 Biology Internship

BIOL-504 Independent Study in Biology

BIOL-510 Student Research I

BIOL-511 Student Research II

BIOL-550 Explorations in Biology

BIOL-560 Interdisciplinary Explorations in Biology


CHEM-100 Trends in Chemistry

CHEM-101 General Chemistry I

CHEM-102 General Chemistry II

CHEM-103 General Chemistry I: Teams

CHEM-104 General Chemistry II: Teams

CHEM-111 General Chemistry I: Teams WS

CHEM-221 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM-222 Organic Chemistry II

CHEM-232 Structure and Reactivity

CHEM-242 Methods of Chemical Analysis

CHEM-300 Topics in Chemistry

CHEM-302 Medicinal Chemistry

CHEM-303 Scientific Ethics, Blunders, and Fraud

CHEM-304 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

CHEM-305 Forensic Chemistry

CHEM-306 Nanoscience

CHEM-311 Analytical Chemistry

CHEM-314 Survey of Biochemistry

CHEM-341 Physical Chemistry I

CHEM-342 Physical Chemistry II

CHEM-400 Research Experience

CHEM-422 The Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids

CHEM-423 Biochemistry Nucleic Acids Laboratory

CHEM-424 The Biochemistry of Metabolism

CHEM-426 The Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes

CHEM-427 Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes Laboratory

CHEM-429 Biochemistry of Metabolism Laboratory

CHEM-430 Instrumental Analysis

CHEM-450 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM-490 Chemistry Independent Study

CHEM-500 Problems in Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM-501 Independent Study

CHEM-505 Seminar

CHEM-590 Chemistry Internship

CHNS-101 Beginning Chinese I

CHNS-102 Beginning Chinese II

CHNS-201 Intermediate Chinese: Language and Culture

CHNS-202 Intermediate Chinese II

COMM-100 Grammar for Communicators

COMM-101 Essentials of Digital Media

COMM-131 Introduction to Journalism

COMM-141 Sports Journalism

COMM-171 Introduction to Media

COMM-182 Writing for New Media

COMM-190 Communication/Media Theory

COMM-191 Interpersonal Communication

COMM-192 Public Speaking

COMM-194 Intercultural Communication

COMM-201 Ethics and Leadership

COMM-211 Public Relations

COMM-217 Principles of Advertising

COMM-221 Corporate Communications

COMM-223 Corporate Communications Writing

COMM-231 Newswriting and Reporting

COMM-241 Sports Media Relations and Promotion

COMM-277 Audio Production and Media Performance

COMM-282 Fundamentals of Digital Video Production

COMM-295 Effective Listening

COMM-296 Dynamic Presentational Speaking

COMM-314 Public Relations Writing and Campaigns

COMM-317 Print and Web Advertising

COMM-321 Crisis Management

COMM-323 Computer Design Skills

COMM-331 Editing

COMM-341 Sports Media I: Contemporary Issues

COMM-342 Sports Media II: Historical/Critical Analysis

COMM-363 Advanced Digital Media

COMM-371 Broadcast Advertising: Writing and Practices

COMM-379 Interactive and Gaming Media

COMM-382 Intermediate Digital Multimedia Production

COMM-411 Public Relations Management

COMM-418 Integrated Marketing Communications

COMM-435 Feature Writing

COMM-481 Media Law

COMM-482 Professional Digital Multimedia Production

COMM-491 Team Communication

COMM-500 Topics in Communications

COMM-501 Practicum

COMM-502 Individual Investigation

COMM-503 Honors Study

COMM-504 Internship

CSCI-151 Introduction to Programming

CSCI-181 Principles of Computer Science

CSCI-200 Multi-agent Modeling in the Natural and Social Sciences

CSCI-235 Artificial Life

CSCI-281 Data Structures

CSCI-282 Computer Organization

CSCI-301 Data Mining

CSCI-351 Numerical Computing

CSCI-352 Numerical Analysis

CSCI-355 Operations Research

CSCI-370 Cryptology and Number Theory

CSCI-381 Algorithms

CSCI-391 Data Communications and Networks I

CSCI-392 Data Communications and Networks II

CSCI-401 Machine Learning

CSCI-460 Windows Programming

CSCI-471 Software Engineering: Methodology

CSCI-472 Software Engineering: Practicum

CSCI-481 Programming Languages

CSCI-482 Theory of Computation

CSCI-483 Compiler Theory

CSCI-484 Computer Graphics

CSCI-485 Artificial Intelligence

CSCI-486 Introduction to Operating Systems

CSCI-487 Operating Systems

CSCI-488 Computer Architecture

CSCI-500 Senior Colloquium

CSCI-501 Topics in Computer Science

CSCI-502 Independent Study

CSCI-503 Independent Research

CSCI-599 Internship


DANC-101 Conditioning

DANC-140 Jazz/Tap

DANC-150 Modern Dance

DANC-155 Contemporary Ballroom Dance

DANC-250 Historical Partner Dance

DANC-301 Advanced Topics in Dance

DIVS-100 Introduction to Diversity Studies

DIVS-400 Diversity Encounters for a Changing World: Models of Impact


ECOL-100 Introduction to the Science of Ecology

ECOL-110 Biogeodiversity

ECOL-113 Geology and the Environment

ECOL-201 Community and Ecosystems Ecology

ECOL-202 Systematic Biology

ECOL-220 Biostatistics

ECOL-380 Wetlands Analysis

ECOL-408 Aquatic Ecology

ECOL-409 Aquatic Ecology Laboratory

ECOL-501 Independent Study

ECOL-509 Student Research I

ECOL-510 Student Research I

ECOL-511 Student Research II

ECOL-560 Interdisciplinary Explorations

ECON-105 Elements of Economics

ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON-311 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON-313 Intermediate Microeconomics Theory

ECON-315 Managerial Economics

ECON-322 Introduction to Econometrics

ECON-325 Labor Economics

ECON-330 International Trade and Finance

ECON-331 Money, Banking and Financial Markets

ECON-332 Public Finance

ECON-335 Economic Development

ECON-338 International Political Economy

ECON-341 Economic Policy

ECON-370 Game Theory

ECON-373 Political Economic Thought

ECON-375 Topics in Economics

ECON-441 History of Economic Thought

ECON-442 Emerging Market Economies

ECON-465 Global Financial Markets

ECON-499 Applied Econometrics

ECON-500 Seminar in Economics

ECON-501 Independent Study

ECON-503 Economics Internship

EDUC-101 Introduction to Education and Society

EDUC-102 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDUC-103 Introduction to Teaching

EDUC-125 Residential Leadership for Social Justice and Community Development

EDUC-205 Topics in Education

EDUC-240 Cognition and Classroom Learning: Early Childhood

EDUC-250 Educational Psychology

EDUC-260 Introduction to Special Education

EDUC-270 Instruction of Exceptional Children

EDUC-290 Instruction: Mild Disabilities

EDUC-300 Arts in Education

EDUC-310 Math Methods: Pre-school

EDUC-311 Math Foundations: Primary Grades

EDUC-320 Instruction: Moderate & Severe

EDUC-330 Technology in Education

EDUC-340 Behavior Interventions

EDUC-350 English Language Learners: Theory and Instruction

EDUC-365 Pre-school Language and Emergent Literacy

EDUC-366 Primary Literacy Development

EDUC-367 Literacy Assessment and Interventions

EDUC-370 The Theory and Practice of Peer Education

EDUC-380 Instructional Design

EDUC-389 Assessment

EDUC-400 Social Studies Methods: Early Childhood

EDUC-410 Family and Community

EDUC-415 Assessment in Special Education

EDUC-421 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching English

EDUC-422 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching Foreign Languages

EDUC-423 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching Mathematics

EDUC-424 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching Science

EDUC-425 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching Social Studies

EDUC-427 Methods of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Teaching Citizenship

EDUC-430 Science Methods: Early Childhood

EDUC-440 ELL Language & Literacy Development

EDUC-441 Teaching and Learning Languages

EDUC-442 Language Teaching Foundations

EDUC-443 Intro to 2nd Language Acquisition for Educators

EDUC-479 Principles of Learning and Teaching in Secondary Education

EDUC-483 Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Management in Secondary Education

EDUC-490 Pedagogy and Classroom Environment

EDUC-501 Preparation and Planning

EDUC-502 Classroom Teaching

EDUC-503 Classroom Management

EDUC-530 Education Policy

EDUC-600 Seminar

EDUC-601 Independent Study

EENV-101 Environmental Science

EENV-102 Environmental Hazards

EENV-103 Earth System History

EENV-104 Weather and Climate

EENV-105 Energy and the Environment

EENV-113 Geology and the Environment

EENV-213 Oceanography

EENV-220 Water Resources

EENV-240 Introduction to Meteorology

EENV-242 Climate and Global Change

EENV-250 Topics in Earth and Environmental Sciences

EENV-283 Sedimentology/Stratigraphy

EENV-313 The Susquehanna River

EENV-332 Sustainable Energy Resources

EENV-360 Geographic Information Systems

EENV-370 Environmental Geophysics

EENV-373 Air Quality

EENV-380 Wetlands Analysis

EENV-383 Soil Science

EENV-420 Groundwater Hydrology

EENV-430 Chemistry of Natural Waters

EENV-510 Senior Project I

EENV-511 Senior Project II

EENV-560 Environmental Independent Study

EENV-590 Environmental Internship

EENV-595 Research in Earth and Environmental Sciences

EENV-597 Field Program

ENGL-090 College Writing

ENGL-100 Writing and Thinking

ENGL-190 Introduction to Modern Publishing

ENGL-205 Literature Studies

ENGL-240 Literary Themes

ENGL-245 Studies in Comparative Literatures of the Americas (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL-250 World Literature (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL-255 Jewish Literature (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL-265 Forms of Writing

ENGL-269 English Grammar and the Writing Process

ENGL-290 Aesthetics and Interpretation

ENGL-295 Voice and Audience

ENGL-298 Book Reviewing

ENGL-299 Professional and Civic Writing: Practice and Theory

ENGL-300 History of the English Language (Early Period)

ENGL-305 Themes in Early British Literature (Early Period)

ENGL-315 Themes in Early Modern British Literature (Early Period)

ENGL-325 Themes in Modern British Literature

ENGL-335 Themes in Early American Literature (Early Period)

ENGL-345 Themes in Modern American Literature

ENGL-350 Studies in Major Authors

ENGL-355 Studies in Anglophone Literature (Multicultural/Non-Western)

ENGL-361 Studies in Literary Forms

ENGL-365 Studies in Literature and Gender

ENGL-375 History of the Book

ENGL-381 Advanced Composition: Rhetoric and the Environment

ENGL-382 Reading/Writing/Teaching Difference

ENGL-385 Rhetoric and Democracy

ENGL-388 Publishing: Ethics, Entertainment, Art, Politics

ENGL-390 Special Themes and Topics

ENGL-440 Independent Research: Issues in Literature

ENGL-500 Directed Reading and Research

ENGL-505 Independent Study

ENGL-520 Practicum

ENGL-540 Internship

ENST-117 American Environmental History

ENST-301 Current Topics in Environmental Studies

ENST-335 Environmental Laws and Regulations

ENST-400 Independent Study

ENST-505 Environmental Studies Community Project


FILM-150 Introduction to Film

FILM-180 Film and Human Values

FILM-210 Film and Literature

FILM-220 International Film

FILM-230 American Film and Culture

FILM-240 Female Action Heroines in Film

FILM-300 Film Seminar

FINC-300 Financial Statement Analysis

FINC-340 Corporate Financial Management

FINC-342 Investment Analysis

FINC-344 Financial Institutions and Markets

FINC-345 International Financial Management

FINC-441 Advanced Corporate Financial Management

FINC-442 Portfolio Management

FINC-443 Equity Asset Analysis and Valuation

FINC-445 Financial Modeling and Fixed Income Analysis

FINC-446 Topics in Finance

FNCE-501 Independent Study

FRNC-101 Beginning French I

FRNC-102 Beginning French II

FRNC-201 Intermediate French I: Language and Culture

FRNC-202 Intermediate French II: Language and Culture

FRNC-301 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics

FRNC-302 Advanced Composition and Grammar

FRNC-310 French/Francophone Literary and Cultural or Film Studies

FRNC-320 French/Francophone Film Studies

FRNC-460 Seminar on French and Francophone Literature and Culture or Film

FRNC-501 Internship

FRNC-542 Independent Study

FRNC-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation

FRNC-600 Practicum


GERM-101 Beginning German I

GERM-102 Beginning German II

GERM-201 Intermediate German I: Language and Culture

GERM-202 Intermediate German II: Language and Culture

GERM-301 Advanced Conversation and Oral Expression

GERM-302 Advanced German Grammar and Written Expression

GERM-310 Topics in German Studies

GERM-460 Seminar in German Studies

GERM-503 Internship

GERM-542 Independent Study

GERM-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation

GERM-600 Practicum


HIST-111 United States History to 1877

HIST-112 United States History Since 1877

HIST-115 African American United States History

HIST-131 Europe 800-1648

HIST-132 Europe, 1648-Present

HIST-151 Traditional East Asia

HIST-152 Modern East Asia

HIST-171 African Civilization

HIST-172 Early Modern Africa

HIST-180 Latin America, 1492-1825

HIST-181 Latin America 1825-Present

HIST-215 The Civil War in the American Experience

HIST-218 Work and Play in the U.S.A.

HIST-226 Soviet and Russian Politics

HIST-258 Modern China

HIST-300 History Methods

HIST-313 Social History of the United States

HIST-314 The Long Civil Rights Movement

HIST-316 Making a Multicultural United States

HIST-321 European Union

HIST-322 Pennsylvania History

HIST-323 History of American Medicine

HIST-324 Pennsylvania's Pasts and Their Publics

HIST-330 The Middle Ages

HIST-338 The Holocaust

HIST-370 American Women

HIST-375 Piracy

HIST-381 Film and History

HIST-383 Popular Music and History in the 20th Century

HIST-389 Enlightenment and Revolution

HIST-390 Topics in History

HIST-401 Collective Inquiry in History

HIST-410 Seminar in History

HIST-420 Internship in History

HIST-501 Independent Study

HIST-502 Honors Conference

HLCR-080 The Business of Health Care

HLCR-301 Human Anatomy

HLCR-302 Human Physiology

HLCR-370 Human Health and Disease

HLCR-400 Independent Study in Health Care

HLCR-500 Health Care Internship

HONS-100 Thought

HONS-200 Thought and Civilization

HONS-210 Thought and The Arts

HONS-230 Analytical Thought: Logic

HONS-240 Thought and Social Diversity

HONS-250 Thought and the Natural Sciences

HONS-260 + HONS-261 Sophomore Colloquium

HONS-301 Honors Seminar

HONS-450 Honors Research Project


INFS-174 Data Collection and Modeling

INFS-233 Data Driven Decision Making

INFS-271 E-Business Applications Development

INFS-276 Simulation Models

INFS-375 Database Programming

INFS-472 Data Insight and Visualization

INFS-485 Artificial Intelligence

INFS-496 Topics in Information Systems

INFS-501 Independent Study

INFS-502 Independent Research

INFS-503 Information Systems Internship

INFS-505 Capstone

INTD-133 British Theatre

INTD-134 British History/Culture London

INTD-201 International Studies Theory and Practice

INTD-250 Japan Seminar

INTD-315 Self-Exploration Travel Writing

INTD-320 The Sciences

ITAL-101 Beginning Italian I

ITAL-102 Beginning Italian II

ITAL-201 Intermediate Italian I: Language and Culture

ITAL-202 Intermediate Italian II: Language and Culture

ITAL-301 Advanced Conversation and Oral Expression

ITAL-302 Advanced Grammar and Written Expression

ITAL-310 Topics in Italian Literature, Culture and Film

ITAL-311 Topics in Italian Language and Linguistics

ITAL-460 Seminar in Italian Literature, Culture and Film

ITAL-461 Seminar in Italian Language and Linguistics

ITAL-542 Independent Study

ITAL-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation


JWST-113 Introduction to Judaism

JWST-115 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics

JWST-201 The Hebrew Bible

JWST-207 Women in the Biblical Tradition

JWST-228 Middle East Politics and Society

JWST-255 Jewish Literature

JWST-302 Philosophy in the Wake of the Holocaust

JWST-312 History and Culture of Jewish Cuisines

JWST-338 The Holocaust

JWST-390 Topics in Jewish & Israel Studies

JWST-500 Independent Study



LANG-300 Introduction to Applied Language Studies

LANG-350 Introduction to Linguistics

LANG-360 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition

LANG-500 Language Teaching Methods

LANG-503 Classroom Assistant

LANG-504 Language and the Professions

LBMM-216 Introduction to Luxury Brand Marketing and Management

LBMM-316 Luxury Brand Marketing

LBMM-385 Retail and Visual Merchandising

LGST-505 Internship in Legal Studies

LSHP-502 Leadership Seminar


MATH-099 College Mathematics Preparation

MATH-101 Precalculus Mathematics

MATH-105 Introductory Topics

MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics

MATH-109 Statistics for Social Sciences

MATH-111 Calculus I

MATH-112 Calculus II

MATH-180 Statistical Methods

MATH-201 Linear Algebra

MATH-203 Math and Music

MATH-211 Multivariate Calculus

MATH-221 Discrete Structures

MATH-231 Foundations of Analysis

MATH-235 Artificial Life

MATH-321 Abstract Algebra

MATH-331 Geometry

MATH-351 Numerical Computing

MATH-352 Numerical Analysis

MATH-353 Differential Equations

MATH-355 Operations Research

MATH-370 Cryptology and Number Theory

MATH-411 Real Analysis

MATH-415 Complex Analysis

MATH-441 Mathematical Statistics

MATH-482 Theory of Computation

MATH-500 Senior Colloquium

MATH-501 Topics in Mathematics

MATH-502 Independent Study

MATH-503 Independent Research

MATH-599 Mathematics Internship

MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives

MGMT-105 Introduction to Professional Development

MGMT-202 Business Statistics

MGMT-230 Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities

MGMT-240 Principles of Management

MGMT-250 Introductory Topics in Business

MGMT-290 Non Profit Management

MGMT-333 New Ventures: Start-Up to Exit

MGMT-350 International Business

MGMT-351 Seminar in European Business Operations

MGMT-360 Management and Organizational Behavior

MGMT-361 Human Resource Management

MGMT-362 Employment Law

MGMT-369 Values, Ethics and the Good Life

MGMT-373 Managing for Sustainability

MGMT-379 Business-Government Relations

MGMT-390 Operations Management

MGMT-400 Business Policy and Strategy

MGMT-404 Global Business Ethics

MGMT-410 International Management

MGMT-416 Intellectual Property and Business

MGMT-434 Entrepreneurial Experience

MGMT-437 Sustainable Entrepreneurship

MGMT-464 Compensation Structure Design

MGMT-465 Performance Management

MGMT-466 Negotiations

MGMT-467 Topics in Management

MGMT-468 Women in Organizations

MGMT-501 Independent Study

MGMT-502 Senior Research

MGMT-503 Business Internship

MKTG-280 Marketing

MKTG-317 International Marketing

MKTG-318 Integrated Marketing Communications

MKTG-320 Digital Marketing

MKTG-381 Marketing Research

MKTG-382 Consumer Behavior

MKTG-486 Topics in Marketing

MKTG-488 Strategic Marketing and Analysis

MSUM-400 Museum Studies Internship

MSUM-500 Final Research and Exhibition Project

MUED-040 Brass Class I

MUED-041 Woodwind Class I

MUED-042 String Class I

MUED-043 Percussion Class

MUED-046 Brass Class II

MUED-047 Woodwind Class II

MUED-048 String Class II

MUED-200 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Public School Education and Music Education

MUED-339 General Music Education Methods and Practicum

MUED-345 Instrumental Music Education Methods and Practicum

MUED-351 Choral Music Education Methods and Practicum

MUED-355 Music for Exceptional Children

MUED-400 Student Teaching

MUED-405 Student Teaching Seminar

MUSC-001 Brass Lesson

MUSC-002 Brass Lesson

MUSC-003 Organ Lesson

MUSC-004 Organ Lesson

MUSC-005 Piano Lesson

MUSC-006 Piano Lesson

MUSC-007 String Lesson

MUSC-008 String Lesson

MUSC-009 Voice Lesson

MUSC-010 Voice Lesson

MUSC-011 Woodwind Lesson

MUSC-012 Woodwind Lesson

MUSC-013 Percussion Lesson

MUSC-014 Percussion Lesson

MUSC-015 Harpsichord Lesson

MUSC-016 Harpsichord Lesson

MUSC-017 Guitar Lesson

MUSC-018 Guitar Lesson

MUSC-023 Composition Lesson

MUSC-024 Composition Lesson

MUSC-034 Piano Class I

MUSC-035 Piano Class II

MUSC-037 Piano Class III

MUSC-038 Piano Technique

MUSC-049 Piano Class IV

MUSC-066 Collaborative Piano

MUSC-072 Symphonic Band

MUSC-073 Stadium Band

MUSC-074 Orchestra

MUSC-075 Fall Musical Orchestra

MUSC-076 Small Ensemble

MUSC-077 Training Ensemble

MUSC-078 Jazz Ensemble

MUSC-079 Improvisation

MUSC-082 University Choir

MUSC-083 University Chorale

MUSC-084 Diction I

MUSC-085 Diction II

MUSC-086 University Chamber Singers

MUSC-089 Opera Studio

MUSC-101 Introduction to Music

MUSC-102 A Study of Jazz

MUSC-130 Rock Music and Society

MUSC-152 Survey of World Music

MUSC-161 Theory I: Diatonic Harmony

MUSC-162 Theory II: Chromatic Harmony

MUSC-163 Ear Training I

MUSC-164 Ear Training II

MUSC-215 Music in Christian Rituals

MUSC-245 The Music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Eras

MUSC-250 The Music of the Classic and Romantic Eras

MUSC-261 Theory III: Advanced Harmony

MUSC-262 Theory IV: Form and Analysis

MUSC-263 Ear Training III

MUSC-265 Ear Training IV

MUSC-270 Topics in Music

MUSC-275 Intro to Arts Leadership

MUSC-350 20th-Century Music

MUSC-353 The Practice of Church Music

MUSC-355 Audio Engineering Fundamentals

MUSC-356 Music Production in the Recording Studio

MUSC-361 Counterpoint

MUSC-364 Performing Arts Technology for Educators

MUSC-367 Computer Music Composition

MUSC-368 Computer Music Performance

MUSC-369 Beginning Conducting

MUSC-370 Orchestration

MUSC-371 Instrumental Conducting

MUSC-372 Choral Conducting

MUSC-399 Pedagogy

MUSC-450 Topics in Music Literature

MUSC-500 Full Recital

MUSC-501 Independent Study in Music

MUSC-503 Half Recital

MUSC-504 Internship

MUSC-506 Independent Study in Music

MUSC-555 Forum


NEUR-101 Introduction to Neuroscience

NEUR-500 Topics in Neuroscience

NEUR-502 Independent Study

NEUR-510 Neuroscience Student Research I

NEUR-511 Neuroscience Student Research II



OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-AUSTRIA National History, Global Responsibilities

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-BRITLAW British Law, Commerce and Culture

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-CHILE Life is Good in Chile



OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-CYPRUS GO Cyprus: A Table Divided


OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-FRNC GO French Language and Culture


OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-GO Morocco-Land of Cultural Crossroads

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-GRKCLT Greek Culture: Ancient and Modern


OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ICELAND GO Iceland: Nature, Culture, Identities

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ISRAEL GO Jerusalem: Interfaith Encounters

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ITAL Italian Language and Culture

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-ITALART The Arts of Italy: Music, Architecture, and Gastronomy

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-JPNWND A Window to Japan: Western Concert Music Through the Eyes of Japan

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-NEPAL Sherpa Life and Culture


OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-NIREPCE Peace and Youth in Northern Ireland


OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-PHILIPP Philippines: Service Learning

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-PRAGUE Czech History and Theatre

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-PUERTO Service and Culture in Puerto Rico

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-SAFRICA Travel Writing in South Africa

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-SPAN Spanish Language and Culture

OFFP/OFFS/OFFR-SWEDEN GO Sweden: Modern Medicine in the Land of the Vikings



OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long

OFFP-GYOW Prep for GYOW Prog.

OFFP-INTL Cross-Cultural Preparation

OFFP-SWSB SWSB London Program Planning

OFFR-310 Global Citizenship

OFFR-SWSB SWSB London Program Reflection


PHIL-101 Problems in Philosophy

PHIL-105 Philosophy of Love and Desire

PHIL-115 Social Justice Leadership

PHIL-122 Resolving Moral Conflicts

PHIL-125 Justice

PHIL-130 Philosophy and Hip-Hop

PHIL-150 Race, Class and Ethics

PHIL-210 Philosophy of Religion

PHIL-211 Existentialism

PHIL-212 Feminist Philosophy

PHIL-213 Symbolic Logic

PHIL-214 Black Existentialism

PHIL-221 Applied Ethics

PHIL-222 Advanced Ethical Theory

PHIL-223 Business Ethics

PHIL-224 Bioethics

PHIL-225 Just War Theory

PHIL-226 Philosophy, Ethics and the Environment

PHIL-235 Aesthetics

PHIL-240 Being Awesome At Life

PHIL-241 Ancient Philosophy

PHIL-243 Modern Philosophy

PHIL-245 19th- and 20th- century Philosophy

PHIL-255 Philosophy and the City: Plato's Republic and HBO's The Wire

PHIL-301 Plato Seminar

PHIL-302 Philosophy in the Wake of the Holocaust

PHIL-305 Topics in Philosophy

PHIL-310 Philosophy of Science

PHIL-312 Theories of Knowledge and Reality

PHIL-400 Independent Study

PHIL-500 Directed Reading and Research

PHYS-100 Introductory Astronomy

PHYS-101 Introduction to Digital and Analog Electronics

PHYS-105 Independent Thought and Explorations in Physics

PHYS-108 Physics of Music

PHYS-202 Introductory Physics I (Algebra-based)

PHYS-203 Introductory Physics I (Calculus-based)

PHYS-204 Introductory Physics I (Calculus-based)

PHYS-205 Introductory Physics II (Algebra-based)

PHYS-206 Introductory Physics II (Calculus-based)

PHYS-301 Newtonian Mechanics

PHYS-302 Electric and Magnetic Fields

PHYS-303 Solid State Physics

PHYS-304 Classical and Modern Optics

PHYS-305 Topics in Physics

PHYS-306 Modern Physics

PHYS-401 Electromagnetic and Mechanical Waves

PHYS-402 Quantum Mechanics

PHYS-404 Thermodynamics and Statistical Methods

PHYS-405 Mathematical Physics

PHYS-500 Independent Study

PHYS-530 Physics Internship

PHYS-550 Physics Research

POLI-111 American Government and Politics

POLI-121 Comparative Government and Politics

POLI-131 World Affairs

POLI-202 Topics in Government and Politics

POLI-205 Research Methods

POLI-211 Women and U.S. Politics

POLI-212 Introduction to Public Policy

POLI-215 Law and Politics

POLI-224 Government and Politics of Europe

POLI-226 Soviet and Russian Politics

POLI-300 Seminar

POLI-310 Public Opinion and Political Psychology

POLI-312 Elections and Voting Behavior

POLI-314 Diversity in American Politics

POLI-316 The American Presidency

POLI-317 The U. S. Congress

POLI-320 African Politics

POLI-321 European Union

POLI-324 Issues in Comparative Politics

POLI-331 American Foreign Policy

POLI-333 Development, Globalization and Society

POLI-334 International Organizations and Law

POLI-335 War and Politics

POLI-338 International Political Economy

POLI-348 Issues in Democracy

POLI-411 Constitutional Law

POLI-412 Civil Liberties

POLI-501 Senior Seminar

POLI-502 Directed Reading

POLI-503 Independent Research

POLI-504 Independent Study

POLI-505 Internship in Government and Politics

PPOL-351 Public Administration

PPOL-352 Environmental Policy

PPOL-353 Education Policy

PRDV-104 Perspectives

PSYC-101 Principles of Psychology

PSYC-123 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PSYC-201 Topics in Psychology

PSYC-223 Research Methods in Psychology

PSYC-230 Social Psychology

PSYC-232 Environmental Psychology

PSYC-238 Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Childhood

PSYC-239 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence

PSYC-240 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging

PSYC-242 Health Psychology

PSYC-243 Drugs, Society, and Behavior

PSYC-245 Personality

PSYC-320 Abnormal Psychology

PSYC-322 Psychological Testing

PSYC-323 Advanced Research Design and Analysis

PSYC-334 Psychology of Gender

PSYC-340 Cognitive Psychology

PSYC-342 Behavioral Neuroscience

PSYC-344 Learning Processes

PSYC-346 Sensation and Perception

PSYC-348 Psycholinguistics

PSYC-350 Psychology, Culture, and Ethnicity

PSYC-360 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience

PSYC-361 Laboratory in Cognitive Psychology

PSYC-362 Laboratory in Learning Processes

PSYC-363 Laboratory in Sensation and Perception

PSYC-400 Advanced Topics in Psychology

PSYC-421 Directed Research

PSYC-450 Introduction to Counseling

PSYC-500 Internship in Psychology

PSYC-505 Research Apprenticeship

PSYC-510 Independent Study

PSYC-525 Independent Research

PSYC-526 Independent Research

PSYC-527 Practicum

PSYC-528 Practicum



RELI-101 Introduction to Religious Studies

RELI-102 Applied Biblical Ethics

RELI-103 The New Testament

RELI-104 Ethics in Biblical Stories

RELI-105 World Religions

RELI-107 Faiths and Values

RELI-113 Introduction to Judaism

RELI-115 Jewish Philosophy and Ethics

RELI-117 Introduction to Asian Religions

RELI-120 Introduction to Islam

RELI-150 Introduction to Contemplative Studies

RELI-201 The Hebrew Bible

RELI-203 The Historical Jesus

RELI-207 Women in the Biblical Tradition

RELI-208 Buddhism

RELI-209 The Bible and Archaeology

RELI-210 Philosophy of Religion

RELI-215 Music in Christian Rituals

RELI-220 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

RELI-225 Women in Religion

RELI-235 Environmental Ethics

RELI-240 Interfaith Leadership

RELI-277 Philippines-History, Religion, and Culture

RELI-300 The Book of Revelation and Zombie Apocalypses

RELI-305 Topics in Religion

RELI-309 Luther: Life and Thought

RELI-312 Church History: Early and Medieval

RELI-313 Church History: 1500 to the Present

RELI-315 Being Awesome At Life

RELI-316 Daoism, Zen and Authenticity

RELI-318 Confucian Ethics

RELI-350 Science and Religion

RELI-353 The Practice of Church Music

RELI-360 Religious Fundamentalisms in the Modern World

RELI-400 Independent Study

RELI-500 Capstone

ROTC-101 Introduction to ROTC

ROTC-102 Introduction to Leadership

ROTC-201 Self/Team Development

ROTC-202 Individual/Team Military Tactics

ROTC-301 Leading Small Organizations

ROTC-302 Leading Small Organizations II

ROTC-303 Military History: American Military Experience

ROTC-401 Leadership Challenges and Goal Setting

ROTC-402 Transition to Lieutenant

ROTC-501 Independent Study


SOCI-101 Principles of Sociology

SOCI-102 Social Problems

SOCI-202 Black Feminism I

SOCI-206 Gendered Bodies and Social Control

SOCI-210 Caribbean Culture and Society

SOCI-235 Qualitative Research Methods

SOCI-245 Quantitative Research Methods

SOCI-255 Crime and Justice

SOCI-301 Topics in Sociology

SOCI-311 Sociological Theory

SOCI-315 Social Stratification in Contemporary Society

SOCI-316 Social Justice

SOCI-333 Development, Globalization and Society

SOCI-341 Family and Kinship

SOCI-350 Punishment and Society

SOCI-374 Social Work

SOCI-405 Law and Society

SOCI-410 Economic Sociology

SOCI-413 Race, Ethnicity and Minorities

SOCI-500 Seminar

SOCI-501 Independent Research

SOCI-510 Internship in Sociology

SOCI-570 Practicum

SOCI-571 Practicum

SPAN-101 Beginning Spanish I

SPAN-103 Introduction to College Spanish I

SPAN-104 Introduction to College Spanish II

SPAN-105 Super Spanish

SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I: Language and Culture

SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II: Language and Culture

SPAN-301 Advanced Conversation and Oral Expression

SPAN-302 Grammar and Composition

SPAN-305 Spanish for the Service Professions

SPAN-310 Topics in Hispanic Culture

SPAN-350 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

SPAN-401 Advanced Spanish Language

SPAN-445 Seminar in Peninsular Spanish Studies

SPAN-447 Seminar in Hispanic-American Studies

SPAN-503 Internship

SPAN-542 Independent Study

SPAN-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation

SPAN-600 Practicum


THEA-100 Introduction to Theatre

THEA-101 The Fall Musical

THEA-102 Student-directed Production

THEA-103 Spring Production

THEA-104 Advanced Acting Workshop

THEA-105 Experimental Acting Workshop

THEA-142 Stagecraft

THEA-143 Scenic Production

THEA-144 Costume Technology

THEA-151 Acting I: The Stanislavski System

THEA-200 Introduction to Dramatic Literature

THEA-240 Theatre and Violence

THEA-246 Scenic Design

THEA-251 Acting II: Voice and Movement

THEA-252 Western Theatre History

THEA-253 Identity and Representation in Non-Western Theatre

THEA-254 African-American Theatre History

THEA-258 From Page to Stage

THEA-260 The Choreopoem

THEA-340 Stage Management and Theatre Operations

THEA-341 Costume Design

THEA-342 Stage Makeup

THEA-345 Lighting Design

THEA-351 Acting III: Period Styles

THEA-451 Directing

THEA-452 Seminar in Theatre

THEA-453 Dramatic Theory and Criticism

THEA-455 Computer Applications for Theatrical Design

THEA-501 Production Lab

THEA-502 Dramaturgy

THEA-503 Honors Study

THEA-504 Internship

THEA-506 Independent Study




WMST-100 Introduction to Women's Studies

WMST-200 Feminist Philosophy

WMST-207 Women in the Biblical Tradition

WMST-211 Women and U.S. Politics

WMST-225 Women in Religion

WMST-240 Female Action Heroines in Film

WMST-241 Theatre and Violence

WMST-250 The Biology of Women

WMST-313 Women in Art

WMST-330 Gender-Based Violence

WMST-334 Psychology of Gender

WMST-365 Studies in Literature and Gender

WMST-370 American Women

WMST-380 Women in Organizations

WMST-400 Topics in Women's Studies

WMST-500 Research/Practicum in Women’s Studies

WRIT-240 Introduction to Genre Writing

WRIT-241 Environmental Writing

WRIT-250 Introduction to Creative Writing

WRIT-251 Introduction to Fiction

WRIT-252 Introduction to Poetry

WRIT-253 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

WRIT-260 The Choreopoem

WRIT-270 Small Press Publishing and Editing

WRIT-350 Intermediate Creative Writing

WRIT-351 Intermediate Fiction

WRIT-352 Intermediate Poetry

WRIT-353 Intermediate Creative Nonfiction

WRIT-450 Advanced Creative Writing

WRIT-451 Advanced Fiction

WRIT-452 Advanced Poetry

WRIT-453 Advanced Creative Nonfiction

WRIT-500 Independent Study

WRIT-520 Practicum

WRIT-540 Internship

WRIT-550 Senior Seminar

WRIT-590 Departmental Honors