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Diversity Studies

Learning Goals:

  • Knowledge of the limits and contexts of one's own experience and the ability to value the different experiences of others.
  • Recognition and understanding of the diversities of human experience.
  • Continued growth development as a contributing member of a number of communities within human society.
  • Commitment to an ongoing development of the life of the mind.

Minor in Diversity Studies. The minor in diversity studies consists of 22 semester hours, including DIVS-100 Introduction to Diversity Studies; the capstone course for the minor, DIVS-400 Diversity Encounters for a Changing World: Models of Impact; and 16 semester hours selected from courses in the women's studies program, courses in the Jewish & Israel studies program and other courses approved by the director of diversity studies.

Double-counting restriction for interdisciplinary minors: Only 6 semester hours of this minor may be double-counted toward the student's major.

DIVS-100 Introduction to Diversity Studies

Introduces students to the study of diversity. Students learn the historical contexts of diversity issues and the scholarly language that has been developed to discuss these issues and investigate how diversity has operated in specific arenas (such as sports or music). 4 SH. CC: Diversity.

DIVS-400 Diversity Encounters for a Changing World: Models of Impact

The capstone course for the minor, this course is a continued examination of diversity issues as they affect personal, group, community and academic discourses. Students work with a faculty mentor to focus, develop and apply knowledge of diversity issues to a significant area of student interest, resulting in a major project. Students need to contact the director of diversity studies to sign up for this course and make arrangements for their particular project. 2 SH.