ECOL-202 Systematic Biology

Systematic Biology is designed to introduce students to representatives of the kingdoms of life (e.g., prokaryotes, eukaryotic protists, fungi, animals and plants) in an evolutionary framework through an integrated lecture-laboratory experience. Using multiple methods, including light and electron microscopic examinations, students will have the opportunity to observe structures and other characters that bring diversity to all kingdoms of life. Students will use appropriate mathematical methods to model and infer evolutionary relationships between living organisms by molecular phylogenetics. Drawing on experiences in previous courses of the introductory sequence, students will explain the observations and results from the levels of molecules to ecosystems. These observations, results and explanations will provide the basis for journal-style writing projects. Same as BIOL-202. Prerequisite: BIOL-201 or ECOL-201 or instructor's permission. 4 SH. 3 lecture hours, 3 laboratory hours. CC: Team Intensive, Writing Intensive.