EDUC-290 Instruction: Mild Disabilities

This course emphasizes experiential learning and builds upon students' understanding of the diverse needs of children who are struggling and those with identified mild disabilities, particularly in terms of research-based approaches to provide effective instruction in inclusive and special education classrooms. Students will specifically learn how to develop and implement appropriate and individualized standards-aligned instruction for learners who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). Students will identify and implement research-based learning/teaching strategies to promote learners' progress (focusing on both those with high incidence disabilities) as well as a range of ways in which to differentiate instruction and implement universal design for learning principles to meet individual needs in all content areas. Only available to students accepted into the Special Education (PreK-8) Dual Certification program. Prerequisites: Sophomore class standing and successful completion of EDUC-240 and EDUC-260. 4SH.