EDUC-502 Classroom Teaching

Taken together, EDUC-501, EDUC-502, EDUC-503, and EDUC-600 require observation and student teaching in nearby schools under supervision of a public school teacher and a university supervisor and attendance at a weekly seminar. During this 15-week period, students in early childhood education spend a minimum of 450 hours of observation/teaching experience, and students in secondary education spend a minimum of 420 hours of observation/teaching experience. To enroll in this block of courses, students must be admitted to the teacher education program and have approval from their advisers. Students may not enroll in any additional courses for this semester without prior written approval from the head of the Education Department. Prerequisites: All other courses required for the major and for the teacher education program, as well as admission to the teacher education program.  Capstone for elementary education majors. 4 SH CC: Oral Intensive.