Studies in Early Education

The Studies in Early Education major is designed for students who have an interest in early childhood education, the development of young learners, and the structures of instruction and schools. With a degree in Studies in Early Education, graduates have the credentials and experiences for employment in education settings where teacher certification is not required, such as non-traditional and private schools and preschools, youth camps, children’s museums, and educational consulting organizations. Holders of the degree may be eligible for admission into education graduate and teacher intern programs. In combination with a minor or major in Psychology, the degree is a path toward graduate studies in school counseling.

The Studies in Early Education major includes many but not all the components for eligibility for the Pennsylvania PreK-4 teacher certification. As second semester sophomores or first semester juniors, students in the Studies in Early Education major may make application to the Early Childhood Education major that includes all the criteria for teacher certification articulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. All courses for the Studies in Early Education major, with the exception of EDUC-530 Education Policy, are requirements of the Early Childhood Education major.

Studies in Early Education Requirements. Students in the Studies in Early Education (BA) major must complete the 44 semester hours in required courses with grades of C- or better.

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        4        EDUC-101 Introduction to Education and Society AND EDUC-102 Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Ed.


        4        EDUC-103 Introduction to Teaching

4 EDUC-240 Cognition and Classroom Learning: Early Childhood
4 EDUC-260 Introduction to Special Education
2 EDUC-330 Technology in Education
4 EDUC-310 Math Methods: Pre-school
4 EDUC-350 English Language Learners: Theory and Instruction
4 EDUC-365 Pre-school Language and Emergent Literacy
2 EDUC-380 Instructional Design
4 INTD-320 The Sciences
4 PSYC-101 Principles of Psychology
4 PSYC-238 Developmental Psychology: Conception Through Childhood
4 EDUC-530 Education Policy

* In addition to the coursework outlined above, students must complete a 40-hour education related externship.