ENGL-299 Professional and Civic Writing: Practice and Theory

This course offers experience in theory and practice of professional writing (writing that occurs in the workplace, especially in businesses, in government and for nonprofits). While the course is required for students in the publishing and editing emphasis of the Department of English and Creative Writing, students from other majors are welcome. Students will first choose a company or organization for which they would like to write. They will then gain experience writing a wide range of genres, such as letters and memos, feature stories, interviews, biographical sketches, press kits, fliers and brochures, and proposals. We will also study the theory of professional writing, including how genres (generally seen as set formulas) evolve over time in response to changing situations, how genres engage power relations and how genres can be made more open to divergent points of view. Prerequisite: ENGL-100. 4 SH. CC: Writing Intensive.