Alex Wilce, Ph.D.

Department: Math and Computer Sciences

Associate Professor Math and Computer Science

Department Head of Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Education
  • PHD, Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
  • BA, Oberlin College

Wilce teaches courses in a wide range of pure and applied mathematical subjects, as well as introductory courses in computer science. His research interests include the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum logic and probability theory, quantum information theory, functional analysis, the theory of ordered sets and lattices, and analytic topology. He has a collateral interest in the philosophy of science.

Recent publications include papers in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics (with a student co-author), Physical Review Letters and the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. A complete list of his publications, preprints and recent talks can be found on his personal web page.

Courses taught:

  • MATH-105 Introductory Topics
  • MATH-108 Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH-111 Calculus I
  • MATH-112 Calculus II
  • MATH-201 Linear Algebra
  • MATH-221 Discrete Structures
  • MATH-321 Abstract Algebra
  • MATH-411 Real Analysis
  • MATH-415 Complex Analysis
  • MATH-502 Independent Study
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives