Barbara June McElroy, Ph.D.

Department: Accounting

Professor of Accounting

  • Education
  • PHD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MBA, Kent State University
  • BGS, Ohio University Athens
  • AAB, Stark State College of Technology

I have been at Susquehanna for the past 13 years, the longest stay in my career first as a practicing accountant and then an academic. It has been a really rewarding career for me, and my time here particularly so.

Everyone else knew I was an accountant before I did. The stereotype was so bad that I resisted it for a long time. Luckily I learned that both the career and the people involved are more interesting and less unbending than they are perceived.

I'm excited to be at Susquehanna because this campus takes seriously the desire to balance the expectations around teaching and scholarship. Few universities are so dedicated to "teacher-scholars" and offer such respect for interdisciplinary work.

My specialty is managerial accounting. Accounting research has become very focused on stock markets and financial accounting has come to dominate the curricula at most U.S. schools. Susquehanna gives someone with my specialty the chance to teach an advanced course at the undergraduate level.Most schools have only one management accounting course in the undergraduate curriculum.

In my leisure time I like to bake, garden and drive fast cars. I really enjoy flowers; grew up on a farm so good, healthy food is a staple for me. So in addition to an English cottage style flower garden, I grow most of our vegetables in nine raised beds as well as pears, apples, plums and blackberries.

My last three cars have been black convertibles. You can't have the top down and be in a bad mood!


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Courses taught:

  • ACCT-330 Cost Management
  • ACCT-430 Managerial Accounting Policy
  • ACCT-501 Independent Study
  • ACCT-503 Internship
  • INTD-133 British Theatre
  • INTD-134 British History/Culture London
  • MGMT-102 Global Business Perspectives
  • MGMT-351 Seminar in European Business Operations
  • MGMT-404 Global Business Ethics
  • MGMT-503 Business Internship
  • OFFP-SWSB SWSB London Program Planning
  • OFFR-SWSB SWSB London Program Reflection