Bev Romberger, Ph.D.

Department: Communications

Professor of Communications

  • Education
  • PHD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MA, Pennsylvania State University
  • BA, Pennsylvania State University

When I came to Susquehanna 30 years ago after earning my undergraduate and advanced degrees at a large research university, I knew immediately that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

As I walked around the campus, the students, faculty and administrators smiled and said hello to me. I was struck by the friendliness of the place and I thought, "This is a place where students get personal attention."

I still feel this way about Susquehanna. I love the students here and how our small class sizes facilitate mentoring and allow the faculty to really get to know our students and watch them grow over their four years here. The value of a liberal arts education lies not only in the education you receive in your particular area of study, but in the additional "soft skills" you learn, which includes those interpersonal skills that are so important to your future success.

I was drawn into communications by a natural curiosity of people-their stories and how they interact with and listen to each other. This curiosity is what lies at the center of the research I do with oral histories. Over the years I have recorded oral histories mostly of women-elderly women and women of the Mahantongo Valley, the Midwest and the coal region, as well as the experiences of minority business leaders. Some of these oral histories I transform into theatrical performances, and I've also assigned oral history projects to my students.

My passion lies in teaching, but also in saving these stories before these remarkable people are in their graves. Everyone has experiences, and through this research we may uncover more effective ways of interacting and coexisting with each other.

Courses taught:

  • COMM-190 Communication/Media Theory
  • COMM-191 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM-194 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM-201 Ethics and Leadership
  • COMM-296 Dynamic Presentational Speaking
  • COMM-391 Team Communication
  • COMM-500 Professionalism & Leadership
  • COMM-501 Practicum - Speech
  • COMM-501 Practicum: Speech
  • COMM-501 Practicum-Speech
  • COMM-502 Individual Investigation
  • COMM-503 Honors Study