Christine Tiday

Department: Education

Director of Teacher Interns and Auxiliary Programs

Adjunct Faculty in Education

  • Education
  • BA, Univ of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
  • MED, Lock Haven University

Courses taught:

  • EDUC-330 Technology in Education
  • EDUC-380 Instructional Design
  • EDUC-500 Student Teaching
  • EDUC-501 Preparation and Planning
  • EDUC-502 Classroom Teaching
  • EDUC-503 Classroom Management
  • EDUC-600 Seminar
  • EDUC-601 Independent Study
  • EDUC-750 Critical Media Lit. in K-12
  • EDUC-780 Current and Emerging Ed Tech
  • EDUC-790 Grammar for ESL Classroom I
  • EDUC-790 Grammar for ESL Classroom II
  • EDUC-790 IRB Proposal
  • EDUC-790 Research Methods
  • EDUC-799 Master's Paper