David S. McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Department: Education

Associate Professor of Education

Department Head of Education

  • Education
  • PHD, Michigan State University
  • MA, Michigan State University
  • BED, Queens University of Charlotte
  • BS, University of Western Ontario

The intersection of science, K-12 education and teacher preparation is a very interesting place. Here at Susquehanna, I get to teach courses in which we investigate what science is and how to support children in accessing new science content. What is most exciting, though, is that we "do" science in class and experience it as learners ourselves.

We have some great facilities and opportunities here to support the science component of our education programs, including the lab spaces and teaching technology of the Natural Science Building on campus and strong connections to the local public school system and broader community. 

I enjoy the small class sizes at Susquehanna, which support a much more meaningful relationship between the teaching faculty and students. My extended contact time with preservice teachers also means that I get to work with them and witness their growth across different learning contexts-from a laboratory course, to a methods class, and into their student-teaching placements as seniors. Through all of this, I am part of the journey that early childhood education students take in developing their knowledge, skills and confidence for being both scientists and science teachers.

Outside of academic life, I enjoy travel and photography, two hobbies I developed while living and teaching abroad in Colombia, Turkey and Thailand before coming to Susquehanna University.

Courses taught:

  • EDUC-310 Math Methods Pre-School
  • EDUC-423 Methods in Teaching Mathematics
  • EDUC-424 Methods in Teaching Science
  • EDUC-430 Early Childhood Science Methods
  • EDUC-500 Student Teaching
  • EDUC-501 Preparation and Planning
  • EDUC-502 Classroom Teaching
  • EDUC-503 Classroom Management
  • EDUC-600 Seminar
  • EDUC-601 Independent Study
  • EDUC-760 Critical Lit./Education Trends
  • INTD-320 The Sciences
  • INTD-500 Internship
  • POLI-504 Independent Study