Jan Reichard-Brown, Ph.D.

Department: Biology

Associate Professor of Biology

Director of Health Care Studies

  • Education
  • PHD, Univ of Cincinnati
  • BA, Gettysburg College

I feel like I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing.

Teaching at Susquehanna is my vocation, but not just a job. Having graduated from a liberal arts college, I always understood and believed in the value of a liberal arts education and I am hoping to help our students find their own passion for learning and education. I really like our students. I like the fact that they are passionate about the education they are receiving here and not just looking at the next step beyond. I enjoy teaching in the classroom, but I also like working with and mentoring our students one-on-one.

One of my favorite SU activities is Dog Days, when faculty and staff members bring their pooches on campus once a week in September to be loved and adored by students who may be just a little homesick for their own pets. Not only do my dogs love the attention (over the years there have been three, Mickey, Chloe and Kelbi) but I really enjoy talking with fellow dog lovers and interacting with the students who stop by as just a dog owner-a regular person if you will.

To me, it is truly amazing to meet a student for the first time in Perspectives, have a four-year relationship with them and be able to observe their growth. Being able to play even a small role in a student's transformation from slightly awkward high school student to mature and confident young adult ready for the next stage of their life's journey is indeed a privilege. I hope that I will have made a least a small difference in their life.

(*indicates Susquehanna University student)

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Susquehanna River Basin Commission Grant in conjunction with Science in Motion 2005
Thrivent Service Learning Grant- Chaplain's Office- Core Perspectives Portion 2006


Susquehanna University Faculty Research Grant 2006

Susquehanna University Student Summer Research Partners Program 2006-2010

Susquehanna University Student Assistantship 2006-2007

Courses taught:

  • BIOL-510 Student Research I
  • BIOL-511 Student Research II
  • BIOL-560 Birth Defects
  • BIOL-560 Human Parasites
  • BIOL-560 Teratology
  • HLCR-302 Human Physiology
  • HLCR-370 Human Health and Disease
  • HLCR-500 Health Care Internship
  • HONS-301 Human Physiology
  • INTD-505 Independent Study
  • OFFP-SWEDEN GO Sweden Modern Health Care
  • OFFP-SWEDEN Modern Health Care
  • OFFR-SWEDEN Modern Health Care
  • OFFS-SWEDEN GO Sweden: Modern Health Care