Kate Hastings, Ph.D.

Department: Communications

Associate Professor of Communications

Film Institute Coordinator

  • Education
  • PHD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MA, Bloomsburg University
  • AB, Bryn Mawr College

I am driven by curiosity, which made my career in journalism a natural fit. After eight years of full-time reporting, photography, editing and layout, I got curious about the role of news and storytelling in American culture, which led to my graduate degrees. Later, my curiosity led me to be an early adopter of digital technologies to gather and share information in words and pictures.

Teaching is my way of being a lifelong learner. The best thing about teaching at Susquehanna, where class sizes are small, is the ability to get to know each student's strengths and passions. Then I try to help students find internships and careers that will keep them excited and engaged every single day.

Outside of the classroom, my research is about African-American representation in early newspapers. I'm a Whovian and a film aficionado, and I also like to hike and camp.

Courses taught:

  • ARTH-401 Independent Study
  • COMM-202 Advanced Digital Media
  • COMM-231 News Content and Creation
  • COMM-231 Newswriting and Reporting
  • COMM-331 Editing
  • COMM-435 Feature Writing
  • COMM-481 Media Law
  • COMM-500 Grammar for Communicators
  • COMM-501 Practicum - The Quill
  • COMM-501 Practicum: The Quill
  • COMM-501 Practicum-The Quill
  • COMM-502 Individual Investigation
  • COMM-504 Internship
  • FILM-220 International Film
  • INTD-500 Internship
  • INTD-505 Independent Study
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives