Lynn E. Palermo, Ph.D.

Department: Modern Languages

Associate Professor of French

Program Director of GO Villandraut

  • Education
  • PHD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MA, Univ of Delaware
  • BA, Pennsylvania State University

By the age of 16, I'd lived abroad in Scotland and Australia. My family traveled through parts of Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, where we were eager to understand other worldviews. Meeting people who spoke two or more languages inspired my ambition to become bilingual. 

Perhaps crossing borders is what led to my enthusiasm for making academic connections. I'm fascinated by the two decades linking World Wars I and II. I love to delve into the study of cultural objects like world's fairs, buildings or advertisements with the goal of bringing together history, aesthetics, politics, and ideas to illuminate the mindset of an era. I approach my work in translation with this same cultural bent.

At Susquehanna, the liberal arts orientation and small campus foster a spirit of collaboration between faculty and students across disciplines. Language studies can take you in any direction, so students of French are usually double-majors coming from all over campus. Their work links their own academic and personal interests. Course projects often involve collaboration with music, theatre, creative writing, or the Lore Degenstein Gallery. 

For me, intellectual adventures mean the most when they connect to the real world. In this spirit, I developed GO Villandraut. For two weeks, we live and work with French volunteers in southwest France to advance the restoration of a 14th Century castle. Stone cutting and participating in an archaeological excavation alongside our French colleagues gives us an opportunity to live history, exercise our language skills and stretch our cross-cultural understanding.

Courses taught:

  • FRNC-101 Beginning French I
  • FRNC-102 Beginning French II
  • FRNC-201 Intermediate French I
  • FRNC-202 Intermediate French II
  • FRNC-301 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics
  • FRNC-302 Advanced Composition and Grammar
  • FRNC-310 French for Business
  • FRNC-310 Problems in French Translation
  • FRNC-310 War, Art, Literature: 1914-50
  • FRNC-460 Problems in French Translation
  • FRNC-460 Seminar French Literature/Culture/Film
  • FRNC-460 War, Art, Literature: 1914-50
  • FRNC-542 Independent Study
  • FRNC-599 Senior Language Proficiency Evaluation
  • LANG-502 Independent Study
  • LANG-503 Classroom Assistant
  • OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long
  • OFFP-GYOW Prep for GYOW Prog.
  • OFFP-GYOW Self-Designed GO Preparation
  • OFFP-VILLAND GO France - Villandraut
  • OFFR-310 Global Citizenship
  • OFFR-VILLAND GO France - Villandraut
  • OFFS-VILLAND GO France - Villandraut
  • PRDV-104 Perspectives