Monica Prince

Department: English & Creative Writing

Assistant Professor of English & Creative Writing

  • Education
  • MFA, Georgia College and State University
  • BA, Knox College

I’m an assistant professor of activist and performance writing, and I have been writing choreopoems (choreographed series of poems) since 2011 and performing poetry since 2007.

My scholarship focuses on race and ethnicity, love and sexuality, and the body as political object. I choose to teach at a liberal arts university because I attended them for both of my degrees, and I have seen art change the world.

I started writing and teaching poetry because I believe it can save lives, and something that powerful cannot be guarded selfishly.

I grew up in Colorado, and I love to dance, do yoga and cook.

Courses taught:

  • AFRC-260 The Choreopoem
  • ENGL-100 Writing and Thinking
  • ENGL-265 Forms of Poetry
  • ENGL-540 Internship
  • HONS-100 Thought
  • THEA-260 The Choreopoem
  • WRIT-252 Introduction to Poetry
  • WRIT-260 The Choreopoem
  • WRIT-352 Intermediate Perf. Poetry
  • WRIT-500 Independent Study
  • WRIT-520 Practicum
  • WRIT-540 Internship
  • WRIT-550 Senior Seminar
  • WRIT-550 Senior Writing Portfolio