Tanya Matlaga, Ph.D.

Department: Biology

Adjunct Faculty in Biology

  • Education
  • PHD, University of Miami
  • MS, Univ of Wisconsin Stevens Point
  • BS, Univ of Wisconsin Madison

Courses taught:

  • BIOL-220 Biostatistics
  • BIOL-328 Natural History of Early Vertebrates
  • BIOL-350 Investigative Problems in Biology
  • BIOL-560 Amphibian Population Declines
  • ECOL-100 Introduction to the Science of Ecology
  • ECOL-201 Community and Ecosystems Ecology
  • ECOL-220 Biostatistics
  • ECOL-560 Amphibian Population Declines
  • OFFP-GOLONG Preparation for GO Long
  • OFFP-GYOW Prep for GYOW Prog.