HLCR-301 Human Anatomy

This course examines the major organ systems of the human body with an emphasis on structure as it influences function. It is designed to fulfill the entrance requirements of several health fields' postbaccalaureate and graduate training programs. The course is taught in a workshop format with the laboratory integrated into the lecture topics. Included in this workshop are hands-on study of the human skeleton, intensive dissection of the cat and dissection of other pertinent mammalian organs. Students will be required to identify most of the major mammalian anatomical systems and their detailed structures using either human models, isolated mammal organs or a dissected cat. Included in the course will be a discussion of some of the pathologies associated with human anatomy. This course cannot be used as a substitute for those courses in other programs that require cadaver dissection. Prerequisite: BIOL-101 or BIOL-102 or instructor's permission. 3 lecture hours, 3 laboratory hours. 4 SH.