HLCR-370 Human Health and Disease

This capstone course builds on the prerequisite courses in Human Anatomy and Human Physiology by focusing on select mechanisms and how they affect homeostasis and thereby create varying states of human health. These processes will be contrasted with pathological processes involved in the development of human disease. An organ system approach will be used to facilitate the study of pathology, pathophysiology and organic disease states. In addition, this course also addresses the psychological, social and cultural impact of disease and the disease process on patients, their families and their community. It is most beneficial if Bioethics and the Business of Health Care have been taken before this course. This class is not intended to take the place of a formal pathology course as may be required by specific professional programs. Prerequisites: HLCR-301, BIOL-320, junior standing and HLCR-302 to be taken prior to or simultaneously with HLCR-370. 4 SH. CC: Interdisciplinary, Oral Intensive.